Nets for fishing and hunting

Cast net

  • Works like a tool which you can cast to catch fish and animals.
  • You still have to kill the animal and upon skinning/butchering/etc you get your net back.

Snare net trap

  • Set as other traps.
  • One time use.
  • Can be picked up if not damaged/sprung.

Net tiers

  • Plant fiber, leather and thick leather for cast net.
  • Leather and thick leather for snare net trap.

Shared Mechanics

  • While caught in the net, or when catching fish, durability is lost.
  • Animals will still be able to attack while caught, though only facing the direction they were caught.
  • If the trap breaks before the animal is killed, it will be pissed off! Stronger attacks, or shorter breaks between attacks could represent this.
  • Traps can also randomly break even at full durability.
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