Never had a successful purge

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: North America
Server: #1744

My first server. We are all worried about this ‘Purge’ happening, grind out upgraded building mats to upgrade and survive, when purge meter actually fills up we get a notice, 10 minutes to prepare… scramble out of our boss fight only to get a message that we survived like two minutes later…

Since then we have triggered several purges, but never actually experienced one.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Wait for purge.
  2. Keep waiting.
  3. See purge message.
  4. Defeat purge with hands tied behind back, scaring off the monsters with the mere intimidating looks of our bases…
  5. Repeat.

I think they sometimes spawn underneath your base and just fall through the world and die or something. I had a similar experience and realized they were spawning under water outside my base. I had no way to agro them or attack them so they would just sit there until purge timed out. The purge in general is in an alpha state right now but for some reason they put it into the game anyway.

Seems like an easy fix with a ground level check, but mine fails before they even begin to spawn.

It would also be an easy fix to correct typos in the spawn codes but that doesn’t mean funcom will take 10 minutes to do it.

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Can we get 10 minutes, please =) @Tascha

I take this all back until they cannot go through 9 layers of black ice fence foundation, lol.

I’ve had 0 working purges out of 3.

1 was imps, they never showed up.

1 was a cackle of hyenas that consisted of 2 hyenas, 3 werehyenas, 1 named archer.

1 was scorpions. One wave, a real sized wave however, and 1 boss scorpion. After killing all the regular scorpions the boss scorpion found some rhinos to kill and then slowly skittered off and despawned. No further scorpions came. Five minutes later I got notification I survived the purge.

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