Never mind the drop rates


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I don’t mind that part at all. There’s a clear goal and a quantifiable path to said goal. I could’ve repeated every single mission in the game since this “content” dropped and my main still hasn’t seen a box.


You know at beginning I was let down from this requirement too since I skipped on purpose many quests I already did in TSW and I did not like.
I took my time and I eventually finished them all, they were quite a few believe me and of course if you can name a hard/toxic/sadic quest it was there, and I even did that only one I never did in TSW before.
But now I can see that in order to get the final items of the final activity (the museum) it makes very much sense that you have to complete ALL the content at least once.

On the other hand in the while I opened between 50 to 100 bags/chests a day and still no box drop …


First off, why was the original post flagged? I think this is a valid concern and the wording and tone don’t seem overly offensive.

I’m kind of on the fence about this aspect of the new mission. It doesn’t affect me personally as I’ve finished all the mission requirements a long time ago, but I can definitely understand not wanting to do certain missions. Especially considering the fact that many people have already experienced everything back in TSW. It definitely seems unnecessary and another way to artificially pad playtime along with the RNG box.

On the other hand, the main reason for the existence of the new mission seems to be the museum items, and the concept of the museum is built around mindless repetition and completion. I’d say it would make a lot more sense to put the zone completion requirements in the museum itself. They should have made it one of the prerequisites for paragon centerpieces, but it’s a bit late to make that change.

I guess I’d have to say that, overall, it is another bad requirement to lock new content behind. From what I’ve seen players either tolerate it or hate it. If it were patched out, would anyone complain? How many people would react positively? I understand that’s not a perfect metric for all content, but I think it’s fair to apply it in this situation.


I don’t see the logic why I need to do ALL the content for this specific wing and not the others. Especially the South Africa stuff since the wing existed long before New Dawn.


@Svella Becouse it is supposed to be the last wing of the museum ? No real logic reason behind that but since it was the only wing with missing items it had to be the last one. (and SA has no museum wings at all)
As @Nytha said museum is built around completion so such a requirement makes some sense to me


Arbitrary, nothing else.

All the wings came into existence at the same time.

The Kaidan area was “complete” way before the first anniversary, which brought all the shards for the guardians wing, shouldn’t that be counted as the “last” one ?

(Answer : no, implying that there is any order to the wings is just silly)

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I can agree with what you said but still as an overall requirement for museum completion it makes some sense.
Then where they put this requirement is all another story.
I could say again that the blade and cell are the last items that got available in game, but I can foresee how this could be arguable from your point of view :slight_smile:
Let’s just agree on the fact that all this matter was managed with a later wrapped up solution, so it was harder to avoid a few inconsistences here and there …


Because it’s not based on logic, it’s a metajoke about Funcom’s propensity for grind.


Blade and cell are most recent items, I don’t think Funcom wants us to think this is the last content in the game, now do they?

Also agreed that I don’t know why the first post was flagged, given other threads complaining about the box drop. Hopefully just means after review it will get unflagged…

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You don’t need to complete any missions - at least, to my knowledge the items are auctionable.


That’s actually a good argument against the point that the mission requirements makes sense in the context of the museum. It makes the zone completion a barrier for the new mission only. You’ve convinced me; I’m now off the fence. The current system really is unfair.


Whilst this isn’t the last piece of the story, it is the last bit of the Tokyo storyline. Story-wise, it makes sense that unless you’ve uncovered the whole picture, you’re not going to understand what’s going on and why you’re going back into the tower. Maybe. I’m not entirely convinced of that tbh, (devils advocate ftw,) but I can see how that thought process might go!

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I don’t care about the drop, I want the fight itself. It is, after all, the only new content (and no, Rosenbrawl does not count).


That would almost work if it didn’t also require New Dawn completion. Or really the other zones either. At best, it would make sense from a story standpoint to require the entire completion of Kaidan.


Yeah, but they threw out concerns from a story standpoint with SA (Johns phone call), much less with this new ‘content’ (at least one turn in alludes to stuff not in SWL). Who needs internal timeline consistency?

Artists rendition of Funcoms thought process:


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This is my thought as well, what is behind the “complete all missions” gate is a new mission/fight, not just the museum items.