Neverending Frost Temple

How could I not screenshot this?


It had a blizzard??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. There are some spots that even when you climb your character is almost inside the mase, you just she the a… chicks of your character, the other is lost inside the stone. In any case I believe the only way for these things to change is to do a proper report about them, so devs will know exactly where to react. It will be faster for them if we point the exact locations of these issues.

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@stelagel, it’s just a minor rendering/clipping issue in the Frost Temple, not a bug.

Similar to when your thrall appears inside a foundation.

I just thought it was a humorous circumstance and wanted to share.


I did understand this :rofl::rofl::rofl:, yet I believe that we could help them make the game perfect. You see, we the players sometimes just pass these small issues like sometimes that doesn’t matter. Because it actually, isn’t that big deal. Yet it would be nice to report it as a minor performance issue without any complain or 100 replies on it.
Just a photo of the spot with the problem and the map location. I believe this would helped them, don’t you think?


@stelagel, this is more like a browser cache issue where the local browser does not refresh from source so the page is malformed. There’s not a lot developers can do about it.

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I didn’t knew these things happen from server or browser performance, thanks for letting me know :+1:t6:. If however you play in single player and you experience these situations, is it right to report them? Will it help them if I do, or I am going to be annoying?

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So, firstly, if my responses came across as insinuating you were being annoying, that’s on me and I apologize for the lack of clarity in my communication.

But, most importantly, always report anything you believe to be a bug/error/failure.

If it’s a client side issue, it can be identified as such and everyone will be able to find it. If it’s a server side/game issue disguising itself as a client side issue, the devs will be able to investigate and correct.

Thanks for the conversation.

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