New 18+ PvE - C Server looking for players

You have have enter the exiled land for reasons only you know. Unbeknownst to you, a couple of summoners also got exiled to these lands by the Gods. To get back at the Gods, they decided to turn the worshipers of these Gods against the Gods and in prison the Gods to do their bidding. These new Acolytes have vow to the Summoners to server them. Exiles, you have another chose to make, fight to free the Gods or join Summoners and serve them as an Acolyte.

Summoners of Gods is a 18+ Conan Exiles PvE-Conflict RP server. it was made for those that wanted to escape from the real world and have some fun being characters that they could never dream of being. We plan on doing different RP Events and OOC Events, Giveaways and all kinds of fun stuff. i want this server to be a place people want to come to and have fun.