New 7/24 Server ExileLords PvP Open Warfare 24/7 10x XP 5X Gather No gods No safety

Just a simple post to let folks know that today (7-24) I put up an open warfare server where it’s fast to level, build and field your armies so you don’t have to grind, again, for days or weeks. There is no protection window, so PvP and base damage is on 24/7, so you have to play and build smart. No god avatars, smaller clan sizes, tougher NPCs. 60 max pop for now.

I’ve played to 60 on many servers that died out due to invulnerable buildings, large clans, etc… so this server is set up to allow warfare all of the time. Victory can be achieved at any time of the day, defeat can be recovered from in hours.

Simple info is on ExileLords dot com with a link to the discord channel. Search for ExileLords on the server list or just I’m not into it to play admin, I just wanted a server that I could play fast and count on being there for a while.

I will not be back by checking this message, so come to play, or don’t, it’s all good :wink: