New 70-slot relaxed server

We started up a new 70 slot server for casual PvP with a dash of RP. No set raid times yet - we’ll lock those in once we get enough users to vote on it. Right now, it’s wide open.

We’re very easy-going - our only rule so far is don’t be a jerk. We have a Mumble server set up now and can have a Discord server fairly easily if that’s preferred by the community.

We currently have no mods and plan to have very few if any in the future.

The server name is: MI-Games - Conan Exiles

Max clan size is set to 14. Most of the settings are default; notable exceptions include that the thirst and hunger multipliers drop to 0.25 if you’re inactive. Anyone can loot dead bodies and all your gear drops on death.

Can I have the Server ID and Port please. I want to check it out.

The server name has changed. It’s now The Doom of Hyboria. Hope to see you in game sometime. :grin: