New 7X boosted (PS4, America) PVP Roleplay Sever (newbs welcome)

Just opened a 50 slot pvp server. Newbs are welcome. This server is boosted to 7X, and when server gets full i will increase slots as we grow. PS4
Server name is : “7X WUTANG STONERS”


#1. No resource or thrall camp blocking

#2. No killing newborns

#3. Don’t clutter unnecessary structures

#4. No mega structures that will affect the servers performance or stability

#5. Raiding newbs is frowned upon and will have consequences

#6. A 5 day grace period is issued to all new players to build up.

#7. Please be respectful in the chat; playful trolling and/or banter is allowed, but direct toxicity has no place on the server - agitators will face consequences.