New Admin Improvement to take control over NPCs on the server (GM Ability)


I am an active admin and GM of a growing server with plenty of dynamic events every week, and one great improvement we are always talking about is to give the ability for the admin to take control over an NPC or Mob from the game at any time, this would greatly improve the social interactions and give the game a great improvement over the ones that like the unpredictability during a game.

If this could be a possible implementation for a near future, we and I think many RP server admins, will be a very pleased.

thank you,



I cannot support this enough!

I support this! It makes me think of the admin feature on Arma 3 called Zeus; which allows you to be god and control all the NPC’s and ALSO be able to take over one of them and do whatever you want aka trolling etc. LUL

It’s perfect for RP that’s for sure. :smiley:

Sounds like something an admin should be able to do