New age and official servers. Will we gain different rules?

No, purges are going to be entirely rewritten. For one, purges will be opt-in, they no longer happen automatically.

Secondly, I believe they are made to resemble an actual siege, with the PVE enemies building a camp and assaulting your base from it. (although this is not happening in the first chapter of the Age of War, more like the third, I think)


I personally do not like the change that purges do not attack players randomly anymore. If you go to Sepermeru and talk to the Npc at the west gate he will tell you what the purge is. That they are roaming around looking for treasures and once they found someone they will attack them and steal from them.

So logically it would make sense that when a player starts building a base he at some point will be getting at least one purge.

The whole summoning stuff is utter nonesense. Its not logical. Its like telling a burglar and thief that has no problem murdering you any time: “hey can we make an apointment for when you want to come over. How about in 6 month when I have gotten all my alarm system up and running, the police right infront of my doorstep to arrest you the minute you enter my home and me sitting in a chair drinking pinacolada and watching the show.”

It takes everything out of purges when you are prepared, well armed and have your guard up and running aka walls.

For builders toggling of the purge on their server already exists. Funcom can expand this to make purges toggleable. So if someone do not want to get purges he can turn that feature off. We do not need this summoning stuff. We really don´t. I dislike them bringing over Siptha features to the Exiled Lands.

I am all in for a purge overhaul, so purges finally spawn in correctly and attack you with trebuches and what not without getting stuck in mesh etc. But the whole summoning thing is bogus.

Does it has a name? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was really hard even back in 19 that all the servers were 40/40. The last effort for server was on 21. If i will start a server again it will be official settings, barbaric mode, no admin support and no building allowed in noob river. This starting area must perform excellent so new players must progress correctly and have the opportunity to place a damn bedroll and a campfire wherever they wish. They need the starting river, nobody else.

Name your server please, i will drop by for sure no matter your settings!

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Before i start i want to clarify my opinion about the exile called Winthor.
I use to respect you a lot but when i read in a post of yours that you are a gal then my respect meter went over the top. So please allow me to have a different opinion here without that means that i respect you less. Thank you for your understanding exile Winthor.

Why i believe the opposite?

1)Playing in pvp servers in the past, i had a lot of pvp raid attacks through purge times. People were taking advantage of my purge to enter, backstabb me and bomb my base.
2) It’s really wonderful to meet people globally and jump on different regions and play with good people. Years ago in this forum @Zeb invited me on 3728. A magnificent official server with outstanding population. I have literally decades friends just from this server. Then my first friend in here was @sestus2009 and i happened to play in Wyrms bane too a lot of times, plus we played together on official servers too.
Last i played with @Wonka on Latam servers.
The purges with these magnificent persons were after midnight and on NY timers i had to stay awake until 3:00 after midnight.

These 2 examples above can explain you already why i am happy with the new system. I will be able to play the game without the fear of a divorce paper from my Angelika :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Now let’s go to the builder community. All these years i met magnificent builders, like Daeso, (Taemien surely know for whom i speak). Daeso is the first violin on Multiguns discord page, where all the cream of the builders has made a passing from this page. Mostly all the builders HATE purges (not Daeso), they play in private servers without purges or do everything they can to avoid them. These people have even more hours than me in this game and they have builded wonders, inspirational builds taking the game to a whole different level. Why these people do not deserve this?
Ok, they don’t play the game like you and me but what they do i cannot and it’s admirable.
They deserve to control their purges and i am really happy for them that they will have this chance, very happy!

Bottom line? They try to please everyone and i see nothing wrong in it.
I believe you understand now my disagreement master Winthor!


As mentioned in DM, server name is Age of Conan. It’s currently locked until I have found enough players. Thought was to get enough regular players that can be white listed, then open to public.

I think my combat settings are set to barbaric, however, I was playing around a bit before wiping. I have yet to get back on after wipe myself due to injury, but can jump on briefly to adjust any settings.

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Any others wanting a PlayStation server with zero build limitations, feel free to DM for password. :+1:t2:

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What region?

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Oh ok, nvm… that would be difficult ping. :sweat_smile:


You’re welcome to test it.


What is best server location, central for all? Obviously Oceania is out, because we’re alienated from the majority of the world.

I’ve played on European and US servers without issue, so don’t mind changing server location for the right reasons.


Honestly, I don’t think I’d play full time (already have two official servers), but I could see @Marylambs and myself being down to join a clan and build FOR them on occasion, rather than us being really active. I know she’s wanted to try some builds I’ve been too afraid to do on official. If that’s cool, ping shouldn’t really matter much.


No problem. Invitation always open to you both. I love seeing creativity of other players in their builds.


You are one of a few people I really respect in this forum @stelagel. My respect for you has nothing to do with whether we agree or disagree on things.

You do not need to fear that I respect you less if your opinion differs from mine.

This said…

Purges shouldn´t happen during Raidhours. You are absolutly correct about that. Its a flaw in the purge system. Although I have to say that admins on private servers have control options for the purges.

I am a builder myself and I understand what you are trying to say. But again, its an official server problem only. Something Funcom needs to work on. On privates you can lower the damage done on your buildings, you can even turn damage off completely. You can avoid the purge alltogether or turn it of during building sessions via admin menue.

Funcom could easily make a setting that allows a player to deside if he wants to get purges or not. So people that have no interest in the purges can set purges to off and be happy.

In my opinion, the purge shouldn´t become something the player can fully control (except from turning it off and on and raidhours) because it defeats and negates the whole purpose of the purge. They are bandits roaming the land, seeking for treasures. If they find you they attack you, no matter if you are prepared or not.

As much as I love building in this game, and god knows I love it very much and spent a lot of time with it, the Exiled Lands are a harsh place and it should stay that way and not turn into Lego and Barbie Land where the player has full control over ever aspect of the game. A purge should surprise you, should hit you when you expect it the least.

I also have met a lot of great people in Conan Exiles over the years. I found my big love, and he really is the love of my life, in this game. So yes, I have a very emotional releationship with the game. And I can´t stand it when the developers f… stuff up. It makes me angry. Because we are the ones that have to deal with it at the end of the day.

With time the game became more and more simple. Stuff gets changed back and forth all the time and every time they promise big it will all be good and beautiful and in the end its not.

I don’t want to smear honey around funcom’s mouth anymore. They are always promissing a lot and then f… it up to a point where they need to remove whole features because they can not make them work. And the new purge will be one of them. So yes, I am personally not looking forward to their new “Age of purge”. I rather keep the buggy version of a purge I have now and be happy before I get something that is making more problems or even gets dissabled completely at the end.


This ship has sailed long ago for us.! Last year i was asking for a Conan exiles retro edition, because i missed the difficulty of the game. Some fellow members told me that maybe it’s me the reason that the game seems easy to me anymore. They were right. @Xevyr fixed me a challenge barbaric difficulty 0.1 xp multiplier. I finished the game with iron weapons non upgraded and light encumbrance armor lvl 21.
Don’t get me wrong, i am not bragging and tbh after almost 7k hours in this game if i couldn’t do this then what do i do in this game all this time? :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
This ship has sailed for us Winthor. I will try your challenge but in pve. Only loot, no crafting. Yet…
Am i allowed to craft potions and bandages from the looted aloe?