New and old Suggestion/idea/inspiration

Since you have done an incredible job for Siptah, thank you very much indeed. But like i’m a slavers it’s time for me to give new work xD but i would like you to take some rest. You deserve it no doubt. So i really hope all the team are well and ready to work.

A dlc crossover Conan vs Stargate vs Mortal Kombat. Lol I know it’s impossible but i couldn’t not say it. Siptah is perfect for these crossover visually. Grey one environment and vortex in sky is completely ok for Mortal Kombat.

-Remember old good video games? Where most of them have a level in lava, town, space, sewer etc, etc. I think they should have a level in basalt column too ^^. Since i have play Conarium i think about it. Maybe Conan need a environement with basalt column. Or even build pieces. Remember Stargate? The Tok’ra have cave built by crystals.

-It’s nice now with the vagabond outfit we can climb and swim faster. So in a precedent suggestion i have talking about it. But i hoped two different armor pieces. A separate one for climbing only (visually reptile alike if you dont have money to create a complete new one) with a crocodile (lizard) tail who move while climbing. Should be perfect. Same idea for the swimming one with maybe a more dolphinesque animation.

-Talking about dolphin. The old representation with beak could be an incredible adition for Argossean culture (as tapestry or statue) and even mount if you prepare something that nobody believe.

-Funcom i want it:
-Spidermount for Zath!

-I love the armor of this art so if it can be of any type of inspiration
-I insist we need minigames atleast one. I want to play who pee the more far while pushing the same button the fastest possible to steal the victory from my opponent! AhAHAHAHA! I have forget things right now i’ll be back later. Good night.

Edit 1: -When farming with a thrall, this one should automatically take the farm in his bag.

Edit 2: -I know it will be impossible but when sprinting to a wall backflip in air with daggers.
-One and two handed throwing swords and axes and spear and everyweapons could be throwable. When our foe is full life the damage is very low and when he is low life the damage act like the executioner. 2hs and axe in the face! Ahahaha Should be epic move.
-A new weapon shuriken like jasmin is Conan the adventurer. The fighting skills is bare foot with some throwing shuriken with ctrl maybe a charged you throw only one shuriken with full force and when not charged it throw 5 shurikens with less damage dunno.
-With all these thrall per person. It should by cool to give them order a little like in conqueror’s blade. Wall shield, charge etc depending of the ethnie where the pnj come from.
-Adding a two handed sword charged ctrl could be a taunt. In the tv serie Ralf Moeller do often this move it was cool.
-A new dance more frenetic for savage’s ritual.
-Secret passage with wall.
-Blowguns (taking grit from enemy arrows, poisonous arrows)
-Some aztec, mayan inspired kind of building piece.
-Grey one as a playable species at character creation.

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-Since Tascha is a beautiful woman (Nicole too), it should be interesting to ask her what kind of bad boss she would like to be. Actually it’s interesting for all the team (but i don’t care). Maybe even not a boss but just saving her from being sacrified in a pit and have a little kiss in return ya know. You know saving Princess like in the good old time. (Whistles)

-Maybe a specific thrall who attack his owner with kiss. So it give a + 15vitality.

-Acorn when throwing on a living thing this one transform in stone. (What? Willow? Yes) Acorn is so much cool.

-This time i got a better idea! You enter with your friend in a darkplace. (The door are closed. There is no solution. You hear a voice. You need to kill your comrade… you got no other choice. (it’s sad but this world is cruel) Now that your "un"friend are dead. The door opening. This place is a place where only one people can enter. In this place a boss. Ok? You beat the boss alone and you own a key. You follow me right? (it must be a very very hard boss) Now you take a look at this place looking for an issue, you saw in a beautiful position (are you following there?) a chaîned woman. You hesitate a little (just a very little for sure) before unleach her. Et puis hop! She saw all the fight she want to thank you. So she jump in your arms and kiss you she don’t care for the blood. You just save her so she’s thankfull. Her life is yours until you decide the opposite. You feel like, invincible… It was because she buff you with a +15vitality (or because she is just a woman.) Nice idea isn’t it! So she follow you everywhere. You already have forgotten your temporary bad "un"friend. All is well who finish well for you. It’s so Conan. We need it! We are playing a Conan game… And there is no beef bone… and no women to save. I can’t believe it! Profond sadness. Snif :’( I want to take a woman like a potatoe bag because there is water with plenty of crocodile and i can kill them with one armed hand because even if i am not Conan i need to protect her warm woman’s life so i am automatically buffed. I want to hear her cry of fear. It should help me to be stronger… To fight the darkness and the most awfull living creature from others realm. I don’t need friend because i am a man. I just need a woman to place my life and my energy in.

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