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Why are all the combat and jump animations being forced on everyone, couldn’t you just leave such things to the combat mod the devs raved about durring hollowseve podcast or let us turn it off. Personally I would much rather have the game I purchased back than see 1 sec of time wasted on animations or fall dmg reworks. I would also like to be able to safely have a thrall or pet follow me in Volcano, just turning in most places activates the thrall teleport and 9 out of ten times it lands in lava not even near you, or can just fall through the floor. I have countless thralls wandering the wire mesh under volcano with the message shortly after they are heading home. The said thralls never do, and there is never an event log of any type for them not even death just gone gear and all. Thralls stood in the air for years after a base decayed yet none of my archers can stand on a 1 high foundation platform without falling through it. Thrown weapons do not work in thralls since offhand addition. Then we arrive at turning off spawns on alchemists, and volcano named thralls, they were part of the game I purchased, if some people don’t like a sandbox game with iffy pvp let them complain the few whiners do not reflect the masses leaving the game. That said the game has good points and always will but this games decay timer was set by the decay timer on release. The building mechanic is nice, its nice to look at what people come up with for house ideas.

Give people gold, and they will complain that it weighs too much.

I for one love the new animations.

When it comes to toggles… whatever one does needs to reflect on other clients. Everyone running different animation sets isn’t gonna sync well in multiplayer.

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Not true when only you need to see the animation server just worries about packets not the animation…its the same in any game. The post is about wasted time spent on the animations when there are so many bugs more than a year old that really deserved attention for long term game function/health.

Wether I reply to you now, or not… nothing is going to change.

rubs chin

Food for thought. I love philosophy.

polishing animations is a part of making the game better as well. Just the new jump/fall/landing animations make the game seem 3 times more smooth…

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Aside from trying to climb over something or get on top of something you just climbed like a 2 foundation height triangle platform to place an archer. Glitch falling and glitch jerking up down have become a very common problem since the update, which makes the game not as smooth…

If your argument that they actually make actions slower is true (and it might be, I haven’t studied it in detail) then the server WOULD have to care which set you were running, actually.

Anyway, it’s not a viable idea to have this be a toggle, really. You can take my word for it or not, I don’t really care which.

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The toggle would be best left to being the MOD it came from and private servers, but any official server with personal toggles is only a visual your pc is portraying and packet send receive does not care. Its basicly the same as you standing near a huge building and an NPC attacking you while the packets are sent to you to load the building, server carries on even if it kills you before you can even see the enemy.

Let me put things into perspective.

Minecraft launcher features version control, where you can actually choose the version you’d like to run.

If Conan Exiles were to offer this version control and you run v1.0 the following would happen:

  1. No mods would work
  2. No connection to official servers
  3. No Njoror Battleborn, Noara of the Marshes etc
  4. No Pets or new dungeons
  5. Various well known exploits re-exposed

If you still rather that than the new animations, then don’t let the door hit you on the way out, cuz there’d be no difference wether you are here or not for the above reasons.

I think their efforts are well balanced. Just because they built the game on a foundation made of shyte and can’t fix the game without breaking anything, doesn’t mean a balanced distribution of focus is wasted.

At the end of the day, CE is a game and needs to be fun, despite running like a train-wreck.

Games have become so complex and so rushed that “ready for consumption” has become “good enough”.
Until people stop buying games to review bomb them, instead of actually playing them, this practise is going to get worse.

Atlas for instance… catastrophic reviews, worse than no man’s sky, yet it is the top 1 best selling game on steam. What in the actual frak?

p.s. Funcom made the effort to make CE launch ready for the tiny time they were allowed to work with. God knows they did. That’s more than can be said about most other games who keep delaying. Never forget.

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