New Anti-mesh system won't include Siptah. What is the plan until it does?

While we have gathered and processed a great amount of data in the Exiled Lands, we feel this feature isn’t ready for the Isle of Siptah map yet as there are still a lot of unresolved false positives.

Great so in the interim while this is being worked on what is the plan. We can no longer sit idle and watch server populations be destroyed because of this one particular problem. Your team has reports in the queue, there are clear and specific infractions occurring daily regarding this issue.

Funcom are aware of the spots, the players and methods used to get behind the mesh. I myself 6 weeks ago has no clue on how it can be done - today I have so much knowledge on this topic that I can tell anyone specifically how a mesher got in, ways to combat them and specific areas and techniques to prevent it should a new server be established. So if I can acquire such knowledge it’s clear your folks should by now.

6401 has 3 separate Asian speaking clans not only under the mesh but constantly exploiting game mechanics for their own personal gain. We have such a massive cheating issue on this one server that most nights for a population of 21 players, 65% of them are actual players living under the mesh and abusing and harming legitimate players work.

What is the plan for them now. What is the resolution for them now. Funcom last night closed the infraction reports for these issues but logging in this morning the offending players are still active and upgrading bases both above and below the mesh.

6401 isn’t the only server right now suffering.

What is the plan in the interim because doing nothing isn’t working. We are all losing to many players from the game because of this one issue.

So great patch rolls out for exile lands … fantastic great job, however there are specific spots on Siptah map right now that are being exploited. They are all the gas/acid caves and caves within the lakes. How are these being resolved and again I say it one more time.

What is the plan.

You have the reports, you have the locations, you have the offending account details and you have the power and terms & conditions to make change happen.

What. Is. The. Plan.

Update: funcom plan for cheaters - it’s clear they have none. Uninstalled game can’t fix stupid.


Can only agree with what has been said. The situation on servers infiltrated by clans meshing under the map on Siptah is killing the entire experience of the game.
Not only are they establishing their own bases in mesh spots that are essentially unraidable but these same players are continuously using meshing techniques to invade other player bases bypassing the mechanics of the game.
This has killed server populations entirely on more than one official server I have played on already. New players log in to their bases emptied without any damage to structures.
These same offenders then use lagswitching and other exploits to continue to plague servers until the server loses all population before these clans migrate on to mesh a new server and start a continuous cycle of exploitation, griefing and degrade the game experience of all who encounter them.
I alone personally know of several players who have lodged detailed reports with irrefutable evidence of this meshing activity to Funcom and have been waiting weeks with no action from Funcom.
All the while the player base loses numbers and suffers with no foreseeable plan from Funcom that actually specifcally details how they are going to implement a true fix to this issue.
Not one server I have been on had even had a Funcom admin log in to perform the single and easy task of deleting these bases despite reports. There has been no evidence of appropriate admin action intervening on any server I know of by Funcom in response to this game-breaking mesh issue. It only takes a matter of seconds to input a command to at least delete these meshed bases whilst a fix is being worked on, if there actually is one truly in the works at all.
But that would take active support from Funcom on official servers and sadly I have yet to see that be offered.

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Dearest dorizzdt, they are going to roll it out at the same time as 2.1.2.

So, the next hotfix patch to the economy update.

You are right though that this will only effect Exiled Lands and not Siptah. I would also like to know what the plan is regarding that.

Yeah when I first read it I thought ok “awesome we got this “ but no … why on earth would we want to focus on the dlc which is funding all the new changes :thinking::woozy_face:

Seems clear to me in th announcement you linked. Too many false positives currently, will continue to work on it until they feel it can be turned on for Siptah. Just like they did for the Exile Lands.

And before someone says “why didn’t they work on this for Siptah too and blah blah blah”, because they first introduced the anti-undermesh system for public testing over half a year before Siptah was released.

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I have a guess.

If the anti-undermesh system being released works as intended, it should dramatically reduce the number of exploits in the Exiled Lands. This results in fewer cases being reported, which means the anti-cheater team can respond faster and more effectively to reports. Hopefully this will lead to cheaters getting banned faster, making the servers healthier. Faster bans will also discourage cheaters from trying again because they don’t get to enjoy the fruits of their, erm, labor.

Ultimately, the Plan™ is to extend the anti-undermeshing system to Siptah too, once it works reliably. Funcom doesn’t want a system that accidentally punishes innocent people. The occasional cheater getting uncaught is a minor problem that can be dealt with on an individual basis, but banning honest players is a sure way to lose customers. There was a case a few years ago when Runescape got an anti-botting system. Two of my friends, both of whom I know to be honest players, got banned for botting by this system, and got little in the way of apology after spending considerable time and effort in the appeal process.

That’s how the justice systems in modern Western cultures are intended to work, anyway. It’s better to have some criminals go unpunished than for any innocent to be falsely convicted.


Hey dorizzdt,

As was already mentioned, this feature will be enabled for Exiled Lands PC PvP official servers with Hotfix 2.1.2, not Hotfix 2.2.1 as you previously may have thought. :wink:

Until this feature is enabled on Siptah, refer to the first part of Kapoteeni’s comment above.

See this thread for more information:

I have changed the title of this thread to be more descriptive. Your thread will be seen regardless.

No offense neither of you are Funcom (although tbf one of you did prefix “I have a guess”. Neither of you have any power in this conversation around what happens next. Funcom need to answer and address this situation as sitting around “waiting” isn’t an answer.

This is logic they are applying is the same as organising deck chairs on the titanic to get a better view of the upcoming ice berg. Its really not going to make a difference to customers if the customer base drops off before it rolls out.

Time for the ye olde visuals


The graph indicates, that players aren’t sticking around for the final patch of the DLC and it comes out of the whole “its ready now” phase.

We are losing fellow gamers to this title for various reasons, I’d wager Cheating issues are up there with the rest of these reasons.

This month alone we are on track to likely double the attrition rate of the previous month. One can argue maybe this graph absorbs “Family Share” account drop offs, but still the data doesn’t trend well for the game. Furthermore, more and more people are opening up channels of complains now around cheating, so the narrative around Siptah can easily be overtaken by the messaging “Conan is just filled with cheaters” quite easily. In truth, its not actually a false statement to make at the moment.

No, western cultures rely on restorative justice to ensure the structure of society doesn’t descent to chaos. Restorative Justice is the ask at the moment, we have little or next to evidence I can find of it occuring.

Evidence is funny.

For example. You can pop your head under the mesh right near the Gas cave at NW spawn point on 6401.

This base has been this way for approx 11 days now. What do you tell players on this server to do while the new system rolls out. I would guess many other servers in these specific locations have similiar builds happening.

What is the plan? its a really simple question but yields no answers from Funcom. If they can’t answer this, then its either they have no plan or their simply choosing to ignore the issue until a later date.

If either of those choices are the “plan” right now and the best we can get is volunteers on behalf of Funcom moderating and answering the question on their behalf.

The response you get from Funcom is three answers which summarise to “we may agree with you but wont tell you, we may act on this but still wont’ tell you and we simply may not do anything and tell you nothing”.

Customers are doing their part. Wait…let me rephrase that. Fans are doing their part. They are gathering the evidence. They are reading the rules of use of the server (Terms/conditions). They agree to them before and during their usage of these servers. They follow the intended process outlined.

No resolution. The attitude is “We are working on it, sorry, hope you stick it out and maybe we’ll try and win you back later?”

Later?. It won’t matter.

Lastly, the specific areas these culprits mesh under are all static spots on the Siptah Map. Making a dynamic system to attach to a static map/mesh/3dmodel in Unreal Engine is engineering overkill. Especially in the interim.

Funcom right now are writing 115 lines of code to print “hello world” when 2 lines of code would be fine.

[citation needed]

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Hey there,

The plan is to keep working on those anti undermesh features for the Isle of Siptah until they are ready to be made available in official servers.

Closing the thread as it has derailed into a repetition of other topics discussed plentifully in other threads, which are borderline in conflict with our community guidelines: