New Arena: "HORDE MODE" is a fully scripted arena challenge added to the Arena City project exclusively found on CROM'S WRATH [PC NA]. Details below. (Safe Zones, casual PVP, weekend raid, quests, dungeons, arenas, economy, and more)

Announcing a large content update for Crom’s Wrath, adding multiple overland bosses, new custom weapons, an expanded quest, and the release of the second unique fully scripted arena for the city: Horde Mode!

The Arena features waves of nonstop enemies with no pauses. Survive as long as you can!

The Arena features a “safe retrieval” system that ensures that the player will be able to get their gear back, not be interrupted by other players and not have their gear taken during their respawn and return period.


DISCORD: Crom's Wrath

See more details about the server on our old advertisement here: Play how you want on Crom's Wrath with no-raid safe zones. Friendly active players. Casual PVP and optional limited weekend raid. Tons of custom exclusive content - #2 by SundayRaid

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For anyone If you haven’t yet tried out the Horde Mode and want to see what it’s all about:

22 players online tonight on Crom’s Wrath.

and don’t forget to read all about the other things on our unique server on our old advert:

Each week there is a new Raid Challenge base, ranging from small and hidden to impregnable mega bases. They allow players to raid without starting a war. But you can still start wars if you want. Play how you want!
This week’s base:

Last weekend’s “Raid Challenge” base