New Asgarath (NPCs stuck in door)

Single-player: No Mods
Windows 10
Steam Controller

In a little hut, outside of New Asgarath’s walls, on the cliffside in the southeastern corner - NPCs get stuck in the door… always.
(This time it was three, other times two - once there was only one NPC - yet he still got stuck.)
They can never pass the doorway.

note: As you go into the main gate of New Asgarath, to the left is a hut that you cannot go into.
(There is no door blocking entrance - door frame is too low - yet the one on the right you can enter.)

Speaking of which… should you not be able to open the door on the tower behind these huts?


Hey there @Dhaylen

Our team is aware of some thralls being a little door-challenged and they’re looking into ways to teach them the basics of walking through them.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


Have you considered attaching navlink components to door frames? I had similar door problems in another UE project, and navlinks solved the issue of recast skipping doors and made AI handle the bottlenecks a little better.

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