New Bazaar armor visual bug (capes) - Stygian Commander Cuirass and Aesir Chieftain Breastplate

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics, Bazaar
Game Mode: Any
Server Type: Any
Map: Any
Server Name: None
Mods: None

Bug Description:

The Stygian Commander Cuirass loses its physics when riding a horse at max speed and looking to the front (looking to the sides gives physics back). Happens both as a base armor or applied as an illusion to other armor.

Conan Exiles Bug Report - Clipped with

This doesn’t happen with the Aesir Chieftain Breastplate, which works fine in this aspect. However, both capes lose their physics when looked at from a medium distance (if a player or thrall wears a cape it will look stiff unless they’re very close to you).

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Enter any kind of server
  2. Equip the Stygian Commander Cuirass for yourself
  3. Ride a horse at max speed
  4. See how it looks stiff
  5. Give it to a thrall
  6. Ask them to follow you
  7. Move a bit
  8. See how the armour looks stiff until very close to you (same with players)

Greetings @EnderGirl1500 ,

Thank you for sharing this!

I’ve shared this with the development team so they can investigate.

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:brazil: bug servers mod
Tudo bem… Fiz o teste portanto o BOG não acontece de forma alguma em servidor de mapa MOD…
:thinking: Qual configuração que está usando para jogar Conan Exiles ?

Consegui replicar o BUG de lacaio travado @Community que deveria ser ajustado esse problema que deixa flutuando ao seguir, mas a capa para mim que uso as configurações tudo em vídeo está funcionando corretamente…

Recomendo alterar ou subir mais suas configurações para poder conseguir um melhor gameplay visual :relieved:

As I said, it’s the Stygian Commander Cuirass the one that doesn’t work correctly when riding a horse. The one you’re showing in the video is the Aesir Chieftain Breastplate, which does work in this case.

The bug both armours share is that when equipped on someone else, thrall or player, it looks stiff until they’re very close to you.

Also, I now have my settings in cinematic and it didn’t fix it.

:brazil: Conan Exiles

Vou fazer outro clipe, obrigado por avisar e desculpe por não reparar o detalhe :relieved:

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