New Blood to the Game

It’s no secret that the game has no interesting high-end content. All instances are played with one thrall, bosses have no mechanics. After 60, the game turns into a construction simulator. To get out of stagnation, I offer a few ideas that may interest developers.

  1. Make at least some mechanics and tactics of bosses. Prohibit access to instances with thralls. To make sense of different pve builds.

  2. Gladiatorial fights. You can create the mechanics of gladiatorial fights. I see it this way. There is an arena where you launch your equipped thrall, and another player launches his own. The thralls are placed in special rooms, after a minute the doors to the arena open and they start fighting among themselves. Until one kills the other. This will give meaning to the capture of thralls, their pumping and equipment. And it will become new interesting content.

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Arena battle sounds interesting. What do you mean by satellites? @Wolfram80

Thank you!
Thralls for sure xD

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Thought so just never heard them described that way
Perhaps a battle standard only for our thralls but with death :skull:

Great Idea too. But need Arena too for ranked battles in future or some counter of win\lose and cosmetic rewards to the season winners.

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That sounds like something that would only happen on PC with mods unfortunately. We are in the middle of updating for playstation right now not sure what is to be fixed :thinking:

You can do it even now on pvp servers. All you have to do is find one that’s interested about this fight, both of you order your thralls attack nothing and both of you order to attack the opponents thrall. The fight won’t stop as long as both of you are in the render of fight and nobody tries to help the defeated thrall. But no matter what you’ll do this fight will never be fair. The reason is that the thralls attack with rng orders, their AI to combat is like the npcs, stupid. So the winner will be the most fortunate not the most capable.

Knowing this, will you drop your thrall in a fight?

But the greatest reason i don’t agree for this to happen is because pve should and must stay pve, any conflict between players exists on pve-c and pvp servers, leave pve alone please.

Nope- ive played this game- solo, and with friends before it was made easier like now. Done to death.

Thralls are one of the reasons i keep playing. They do what they are told and dont give me any lip about fights and fight the way i want to.

The game still makes you pay dearly for mistakes - which is another reason i keep playing.

Get your own server and ban thralls from play - problem solved.

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Wait. I apologize for my bad English, i had to delete my half post, thanks @Akomo for clarifying this prohibit sentence.
My friend he is right on this one. We could have proving grounds in this game. You’ll get nothing else but a title and some tier 4 bearer packs in the end for reward :man_shrugging:. It wouldn’t change a thing to the main game but it would change a lot to people that prefer the waraxe than the pickaxe.
Imagine an arena that you enter naked. The game provides weapons in chests for every trial. No healing items, no buffs.
For every stage you complete you gain a bearer pack in the exit :man_shrugging:. In the first stage you fight with stone weapons and you end up fighting with star metal. The final? Arena champion with red Mother :heart_eyes:, as long as they don’t fight each other :laughing:.
I like this part @Wolfram80, sorry for misunderstanding.

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This game is not a MOBA.
This game is not a MMORPG

There is no reason to make it behave as if it were. It is one of the best games in the genre it is made for, and as the aims the devs want it to be.

If someone dont like what the game is, they are free to seek a game that is. But it should not be changed to cater to a category that it wasnt initially designed to.

Steam or epic store themselves might serve to show it. Take a look on the tags in this game, and then take a look in the tags for Guild Wars 2, Mass Effect, Baldur’s Gate 3. They are quite different the collective of them, besides having 1 or 2 in common.

That is the reason. This game is not to be compared to those games.

What exactly is the genre?

The very own exe name already start with one “exclusive” aspect.

The exec is named ConanSandbox. It denotes one of the first differences from almost all games people might be thinking when they suggest these and other “end game content” “chips” from other games.

In game development Sandbox is the opposite of Theme Park. They are two specific and opposed design choices.

Imagine a sandbox game like a big playground where you’re handed a bucket and spade. You can build sandcastles, dig moats, or just throw sand in the air if that’s what you’re into. The game doesn’t really guide you on what to do; it’s all about freedom and creativity. You make your own fun. Now, on the other side, you’ve got theme park games. These are more like going to an amusement park with set rides and attractions. Sure, you can choose which ride to go on, but you’re not about to change how the roller coaster functions. Everything is designed for a specific experience, and you’re there to enjoy what’s been prepared for you.

From there you already see how “end game content” as defined pertains to ONE genre defining characteristic, not the other. One example of this is that besides very little in terms of progression, which can be achieved “anyway” you have at your disposal from the start, nothing divides the end game from the start game in Conan Exiles, as it is a sandbox game. While games that hinder your progress by a measure of what you CANT do, railing you like in a theme park, you have several systems designed to keep you in the rail, such as the one OP proposes. It does not belong here.

So let’s stick with our playground and amusement park analogies. In a theme park game, everyone’s riding the same roller coasters, right? You’ve got set rules, clear objectives, and similar challenges. This makes it easier to compare scores or times, like timing how fast someone can get through a haunted house without chickening out. It’s basically designed to measure everyone with the same yardstick.

In a sandbox game, though, you’re doing your own thing. Maybe you’re building an epic sandcastle, or perhaps you’re digging to see how deep you can go. Since everyone’s playing the game differently, it’s kinda like comparing apples to oranges if you try to put those activities on a leaderboard. It’s tough to say who’s “better” when people have different goals and are doing entirely different things.

Got a good chunk of text so I filter who will reach this point, sort of.

That takes out MOBA, as all MOBAs must be theme park. Cant say a MOBA is Sandbox. But you do have Sandbox MMORPGs right ? The MMORPG exclusion is about another facet of this game, not exactly the MORPG specifically, but the first M. This is not a Massive Online Game. While it OFFERS Official servers, this is not the main aim or the main public of the game. Any way you can access this information, you are faced with the suspicion that most players are in Solo, Co-Op or Private Servers. Be it in a almost flawed logic that Official servers have much less population individually than most popular private servers, or that the game data suggests even more people Solo or Co-Op than play on servers, or the realization that the game systems select for solo play, whatever. Still, even if it is a mostly Multiplayer Online Game with RPG elements, it is still technically and designed NOT TO BE MASSIVELY ONLINE. And that drives us to think this game is a much more contained and personal experience in which what one person does or thinks about their own use of the game means very little in the overall game landscape to change certain aspects to create a “level playing field”. What if I want to get my thralls to “play the game for me” ? It is not like there is some leaderboard or some “proverbial yard stick” in which other people playing the same game are being measured at.

That is the aspect me, and many other people, seek out when playing this game, not a MOBA, not a MMORPG. Is having a personal and free experience we do whatever we want with. We dont want to join the “community” to measure our “rail speed”.

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Slave fights are an interesting idea. Three years ago, when I just started playing, I amused myself by building an arena, taking a thrall at level zero and creating an opponent for him from the admin panel.
The problem is that many fights will be predictable, and in the final two of the three will definitely meet: Cannibal Brut(Rithualist, Tugra)-Dalincia-Lian.

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And I fail to see what prevents you from making a Arena and putting thralls to fight right now ?
I myself have one in my Siptah Map to test out mods, but the Arena itself and putting thralls to fight you can do without mods.

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What’s the problem here. As i said above is the rng a thrall use to hit. Thralls do not read opponents, neither they choose their move because they are in trouble, their move will always be random, luck, so the bet here is not on skills but luck. I remember Wak doing tests and say that Teimos is best and at the same time Firespark81 doing tests and say Relic hunters are best :man_shrugging:. None was!
The best thrall is the one that doesn’t fall, the best thrall is the one that no matter what the numbers say will kill alone without you
But even this best thrall eventually will stuck from something and won’t attack.
All these years we have seen weird reactions from thralls. I remember the old days one Spinas, no matter if i changed his guarding spot, when something was close to my base he was running first, even if he was out of range. This Spinas had strength 33, i had Dalinsias with 45, Berserkers with 50, Lian with 60, he was a damn train, he was killing on sight.
Then on pvp servers we had a couple Teimos that they were the same with strenth 28 :man_facepalming:.
So i don’t see either trust numbers. For some reason i cannot explain, some thralls choose outstanding hits, even with hammer they don’t use kick. But i cannot prove it.

One of the biggest problems with Conan Exiles, and a major problem across many games of different genres that have one thing in common… a level based progression.

The problem then invariably becomes 90% of content is developed for only 5-10% of a player’s time. Look at the map and compare level 60 areas to not-60 areas. If talking about Exiled Lands, that’s a few dungeons, the area around the frost temple, and some of the harder parts of the volcano. Some may say the unnamed city, but you don’t really need level 60 equipment to do that area, just the few bosses there that are on a little tougher side.

For those of you with a few thousand hours on the same character, how much of that did you spend at levels 1-59? Now divide your total time into it, and you’ll see what I am talking about. Even someone like me who has went through dozens of rerolls, wipes, and new servers, I have spent far less than 10% of my time under 60 (and this is at under 1.0x exp rates even). I can’t imagine what single character players feel on this.

1-59 should be a tutorial, and use a much smaller part of the maps. A more proportional amount of the map should be for max level characters since eventually even the newest of the newbie will be 60 in a fraction of the time they are playing the game overall.

A small correction, it WAS the best game in the genre it was made for. Conan Exiles isn’t a survival game anymore, it’s all about easy gameplay so kiddies can run around naked killing everything without any problem. Everything survival related has basically been diminished or removed, even the attribute perks are almost all about fighting these days. No interesting gameplay anymore, one hour thralls and 4x rates… The game has gone down the drain.

Yes you are right. Another example is a two-handed sword. There are a lot of named warriors who, in principle, do not use a special powerful vertical slash. And if you take an 1h axe, then most of the warriors use only powerful blows, spinning around themselves, and do not use a vertical blow from above. And others use it exactly, and at the same time their combo is 3 hits, not 4.
This is a very strange selectivity. Perhaps @Xevyr knows something about this.

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A littl tldr, but if it is a sandbox then any odea has merit, especially if enough players want it. Saying dont mess with my vision of a sandbox removes it from being a sandbox.

Yes ofc, different NPCs have different combo templates. Some more basic, others more advanced.

I’ve been meaning to find some simplified way to included them on my spreadsheet, but it’s a bit of a pain as the data relation between them is a bit excessive (1 template vs many possible combo chains) so rasterizing that for the spreadsheet seemed overkill and I don’t want to further complicate it.

But the bottom line is that yes, different NPCs have access to different combo chains. So far though the ones that were “relevant” as top tier thralls all have advanced full chain combos so the question didn’t came up much.

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