New bug report: rollback builds

Hello, I’m reporting a new bug: rollbacks.

Last night I was playing with my friends and we were building / decorating our own base.
Today we logged in and it appears there was a rollback.

For example, my friend had a few workbenches on her sandstone waiting for her to have the resources to put her dlc foundation. When she was able to lay her new foundations, she moved her workbenches to new locations. Today her workbenches were below the dlc foundation and on their previous location.

For me, it’s on the attached video. I had placed my workbenches and my fireplace well, I was decorating around it, then when I connected this morning everything had moved. It’s only the things on the ground that have rolled back, everything on the walls has remained intact.
I don’t know if It’s clear, I don’t have any screens before the rollback, when everything was well positioned. I don’t want to redo all my decoration because it took me a long time to get everything in the right place.

I was planning on sending you screens from the workbenches bug of my friend but my rank doesn’t allow me to. If necessary we can find a way to send it to you.

Hope you can do something about it. Thank you for your attention and your help
Server: Official Server #3020 Base position: G10/G11 at lake level.

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here are the attachments Rollback builds - YouTube


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