New Bug With Xbox System Update

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Official Server 2878

With today’s Xbox system update, when you press the home button on your controller in-game and then navigate using the d-pad, it also opens up either your journey page or the map depending on the direction. This happens while the Xbox guide is still open.

Small bug but only noticed it after the console update.

  • I have experienced this bug
  • I have tried the steps below after the system update and have not experienced this bug

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Press home button on controller to bring up Xbox guide (For parties, messaging, etc)
  2. Navigate left or right with d-pad
  3. Journey steps or map will open in-game depending on the direction you choose

I’m on Xbox One X and have this game on a 8TB external drive and not experiencing this issue

Hi @NosferatuV, we’ll forward this information to our team so that they try to reproduce the issue on our end, thank you for pointing it out.

Please let us know if it persists and, in case it does, if resetting the console cache or reinstalling helps.

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No longer experiencing this bug. Didn’t uninstall or clear any caches.

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