New bugs after 1.08 patch

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [The Summoning Place]

I have several new (and old) problems after the patch.

First of all, Full Nudity is suddenly turned off and I can’t switch it back on!

I read a book at The Summoning Place. I learned recipes, but the text window wasn’t displayed properly. It automatically disappears in a split second. Tried it several times.

I knocked out a Medicine Man in The Summoning Place and he disappeared.

I still can’t put on War Paint.

“Regeneration from healing potions now breaks on taking damage”

  1. Why?
  2. It happens with food, too!
  3. When it happens, it states something about Bandages.

Perfomance is much better now, but those changes and new bugs made me loose interest very quickly.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Can confirm am having the same warpaint issues and also extremely frustrated that food healing is broken by damage but a message about bandages comes up. I am playing on a pvp server so the warpaint issue is not limited to singleplayer.

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Official response says that warpaint was not intended to be on this patch, so at least that’s not bugged even after a fix!

Also the healing potions and stuff sent broken I just found out on here.i tried posting a pic but I’m on my cell phone,they are ment to break upon damage and bandages now stop bleeding and don’t break upon damage but they do if you move…this is horrible what’s the point in a healing potions if it cannot be used in battle?

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Why the F did I spent £45 and brought a server, I could of just got a glitch simulator game for free

Dissappearing thralls has to do with the combo you use to knock them out at the moment. Still an issue, but avoidable. And if you’re going to quit because the game got properly balanced then good riddance. Using potions and food mid fight is bs means you don’t know how to sword fight. Go make numbing wraps and actually heal out of combat like a true pvper lol. Someones never played a pvp game with pots, kind of hard to pot mid fight.

All my thralls desaperad from my statsh, no invasions, no raids… they just gone

What pvp game can you not drink pots while fighting in?

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Lol looks like you e never played a game with healing potions there should all ways be a way to heal fit I g a fight either a potion that heals 50hp auto no regen or have a then combat potion that’s what potions are for.i know how to play I solo the game atm so stfu