New Bugs since HotFix


Online Official Server #1822 US PVE-C

#1 - I’ve returned to game with character stripped of everything atfer logging off inside a secured base twice since patch. Anyone else?

#2 - Player owned/tamed thralls & pets randomly charge owners as if they were enemies for no apparent reason other than moving nearby. Just like when a player visits another players base. Repeatable & reported by a number of players on server. Anyone else?


#1 Adding “Why player died” to Event log would be very helpful.

#2 Folks on server are seeing #2 whenever they take incidental damage (eg jumping off a roof or a landing). That could be the majority of it.


I think the pets are coming to aid you rather than to attack you.

I admin’d a couple pets into my Solo game while testing the new commands. When I was done testing, I set out to destroy the two that I admin’d into the game. As soon as I struck one with a sword, 5 pets charged in almost creating a circle around the fight area.

I waited a moment to see what they would do and they did nothing more than look aggressive. So I continued to kill the test pet. Once dead, I removed the dead body and the aggressive pets returned to their “home” position.

I believed they were coming to fight so I moved to an open area, admin’d in a wild critter and attacked it, the same thing happened. Rather than keep killing it, I allowed the wild critter to attack me. Immediately after I was attacked, the 5 pets that came charging in launched an attack on the wild critter and killed it.

The difference is that the test pet did not attack me back so the aggressive pets did not attack it. The wild critter did attack me back and were attacked in return by my pets.

The pets might be running to the character because the character took damage from the jump.



I’m wondering if Issue #1 (waking up dead and gearless for no apparent reason) may be the fact that Passive Health Regeneration from Vitality 3, and Damage Resistance from Grit 3, appear to be no longer enough to counteract extreme temperature damage (frostbite/heatstroke) since a patch or few ago. Not a great development for any bases in the snow or volcano. A few other players on server with bases in extreme temperature zones have noted similar situations anyway.

Another argument for adding cause of death to event log.


I can say when I was in the Frozen North, the passive health reg did not keep up with the damage being done to my character. I have a skill that is suppose to negate the temperature damage and it no longer works.


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