New building system is actually terrible

Oy! @Mbeat is trying to encourage old-timers like me who are actual Master Builders in this game. I’m really not enjoying the BS Hammer (Building System), and I feel that I might not have participated in the Building Contests for which I won prizes, in-game craftable painting and more. Mbeat is making me feel like I just need to bully through it. :slight_smile:

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for me its okay but only for the building pieces like walls foundations etc but i want to have chests and benches as an item in my inventory its better for me.


It is getting used to, but worse?
As a PC player myself I’m very happy with these changes…

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once you get used to it is pretty nice, remember that you can copy any existing building piece with middle mouse, i have it keybind in t, but thats just me.

but you can now delete and build far more faster.

i still think you should able to keybind your favorite building pieces.


Yeah, the dismantling speed alone is worth the price of admission.


Good tip, I’ve been trying to find a good key because I rely on Middle Mouse for Vanity! :kissing_closed_eyes:

I personally would like to see a search function, but please don’t take this as a promise. It’s definitely been suggested, though.


Awesome! And we get it - no promises assumed! I promise! :smiley:

It’s really good to have you guys commenting!

Community presence is our glue!
And especially cuz it’s you!
But only with wizard’s hat tall and blue! :discopug:


Can we get the old way of building back as well? Like if people want to use the hammer thats cool but we can also craft the pieces in our inventories? Same with benches and chests n stuff :slight_smile:


I have played over 5000 hours. 3.0 and that new building system will definitely stop my adventure. There were so many things to do. Why destroy something that was working good ?
Thank you for those last 5000 hours and go to hell for my quit.


Sorry no. I play on PC and I built a huge castle yesterday to try it out. The new building system, once you get used to it, is so vastly superior to the old it’s not even funny. As a matter of fact, everything about this update is awesome. It’s the first major update that hasn’t pissed me off and made me quit playing for months. Keep up the good work devs.


Talk/Suggest about adding these kind of menus to all the Craft Stations with huge recipe lists.

I’d rather see a merged window, to be honest. Not small cramped windows.

Remodel it all. Put the Station Inventory and stuff in a smaller portion of the screen, and then on the other side, put the LT/RT LB/RB stuff where everything is organized into groups.

Armorer’s Bench
Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor in three groups
Materials for armor pieces, like the Padding

Blacksmith’s Bench
At the very least 1H and 2H in groups, and Materials again for extra pieces it does.

Same with all the other stations.

So apparently we don’t have to “craft” building pieces anymore? they just magically appear now in the crafting menu as long as you have the ingredients to make it? feels more like “creative mode” now…:frowning: Why would they remove “crafting” building pieces?(a little countdown showing that something is being crafted would be nice) Its a crafting game after all? yes it makes things a little slower but gives the sense of actually “crafting” a building piece instead of it magically just being made. If they are doing that why craft anything at all anymore? so ridiculous. Not really liking this new building system, I don’t mind the menu and needing a crafting hammer but at least let us “craft” the building pieces to give us a sense of accomplishment…kind of immersion breaking if you ask me…I really enjoyed the old system better as you actually had a sense of working hard to craft your base but now it just seems too easy. Might as well just play creative mode…Disappointed


100% agree that the building system is not great, I hate using this hammer, I hate having to do 2-3X the number of clicks to get to what I want to build… It would have been better if there was no construction hammer, i highly suggest to re-design this mechanism, this was one thing that I loved about the game before, and now it makes me hate it, and just like with WOW players end up leaving because of stuff like this… Don’t ruin Conan…

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I mean, how many clicks/scrolling was necessary with the former system?

Click to open inventory
Click over to the handcraft menu
Scroll up and down until you find what you want
click to craft it
repeat for all pieces you want to do

click to put them on your hotbar multiple times
click to place it/rotate it/etc for each

And now it’s…what exactly

click to equip the hammer
LB opens the menu
much less scrolling/clicking to get the piece you want
instantly into place mode
less clicks to rotate/place

But where this further shines is the ability to “copy” something.
Reticle over it. R3 on Controller, dunno on Keyboard.
Instantly go into crafting that object.

Walls, Stairs, Roofing, Foundations, Fence Foundations and Fencing

All of this can instantly be accessed as long as one is placed in the game world.

It’s as simple as pressing R3 and you can drop more, press R3 on something else to clone it and place more as you need it.

That alone makes this system so much nicer.

More like you’re building a wall brick by brick and stone by stone instead of building lego blocks and piecing those together.

Crafted building pieces create unnecessary clutter in the inventory and the hotbar.

So instead of:

At most equip hammer, press F, click, click, click, build. (There’s even less clicking to build a piece you already built somewhere nearby.)

You’d rather have:

Open inventory, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, click, click, drag, equip, build. (New item you already built somewhere nearby: Open inventory, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, click, click, drag, equip, build.) Oh hey, there’s a search bar! Open inventory, type, type, type, type, type, type, type, type, type, click, click, drag, equip, build.

Yeah, somehow I’m just not seeing this “2-3X more clicking” with the build hammer. :smirk:

As long as we’re talking about building pieces, I like the UX of the new system. It’s easier to build with it.

But building pieces are not the only thing that have been moved to the building hammer. Hand-crafted placeables (e.g. the preservation box) also require the building hammer now and, to put it bluntly, that sucks.

The great thing about the building hammer is that it allows for more streamlined building in bulk. If you want to build a 5x5x2 square shack, it’s much easier to do with the hammer than to craft 25 foundations, 39 walls, 1 door frame, and 25 ceilings, which you then have to put onto your hotbar and place carefully. And if something doesn’t align properly, you have to run there, pick it up, and place it again. Yeah, that’s a hassle.

But if you have 1 improved preservation box and you want to place another one next to it and you don’t remember the mats by heart, it would be actually easier to be able to see the requirements in the same window where you can see your inventory. It would be easier to be able to craft it beforehand and then place it and pick it up if it didn’t allow properly. It’s one-off, fiddly work, rather than bulk building.

I really wish they would move the hand-crafted placeables back into the hand-crafting GUI.


Actually that’s easy if you already have one. Just middle click the existing one and try to place a new one. If you don’t have the mats, a little notification will pop up on the right side of the screen showing exactly what you have and what you’re missing.

If you don’t have an existing one, then yeah, it’s about as much hassle as it would be if it were still hand crafted.

You can also just hold E and select the move object button if you didn’t place it right. Also applies to crafting benches, wheels, altars, pretty much everything and works even if you’ve got something cooking. No need to empty it out if you’ve got stuff in it. You just can’t move stuff over huge distances in one big move. If you need to move something from one side of your base to the other, for example, you might have to make a stop or two along the way.

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Yep. It’s so easy to place stuff now with this “paint dropper” method. I did a base in Shattered Springs yesterday as an Admin with no build cost.

I ran around placing foundations, fence foundations, fences, etc.
Need to shift back to normal foundation? Click one to grab it and then place more, rapid shift back to fences.

It actually dramatically reduces your number of clicks with this feature.

Can’t see why people think this is more clicks than previously. For the base I built, I would have had 4 or 5 times as many clicks to keep going back and crafting foundations/fence foundations/etc