New Buildings and Revamp of Old Ones

Ok, lets start by saying that all the things here are NOT needed. We may live happily without having these (as we already do). I just feel like they could be good for the game, especially for solo players.

  1. Animal Pen Revamp: I think many of us here found it a bit … out of theme for a sandbox game. So I think that, instead of having a huge building with 5 cages for animals, it would be better if we had a Single Cage (lets say 1, 2, 2 - Width, Height, Lenght) that can contain 1 animal. So that if we can have more choices for building our base and we wouldn’t be forced to use pre-built structures. It would be good if these cages could have a Thrall Slot (with a new Thrall Type - Beast Master) that can give these bonuses:
  • Production Cycle Time Reduction (25% T2 - 50% - T4)
  • Animals Growing Time Reduction (25% T1 - 50% - T3)
  • Better Chances to Get Greater Animals (10% T3 - 20% T4)
  1. Prison Cages: yes I know, we already have those wood cages made of sticks … no, I’m talking about Solid Iron/Steel Cages that can be filled with Prisoners (Knocked Out Thralls ?). This cages could replace Wheels of Pain or be just decorations.

  2. Grate Walls: don’t tell me you haven’t missed them. We have grate doors but not walls and/or ceilings. I would really love to have a big brig to fill with prisoners ahah

Please, forgive my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I wouldn’t mind smaller animal pens, but I definitely would NOT want to see a workstation thrall added to speed things up. It’s already far too easy for people to produce huge numbers of pets each day and spam PvE servers with them, and faster production would only make this worse.

What I would like to see though, is a way for those of us on PvE servers to be able to slaughter our pets for meat, hide, horns, etc. as humans have done for thousands of years.

  1. I do this sometimes during purges if there are too many KO’d, but obviously they can still damage the structure when they wake up.

  2. These would be cool for a defensive measure so that you can still see out while blocking attacks and container access.

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A lot of these topics have been brought up before, but unfortunately. And a lot of them are great ideas, I wish they would do a single animal pin. I hate the large animal pins. A lot of times I just skip it altogether, it’s just not worth my time and it’s too revealing. Plus you can’t lock the pain so just end up being a lot of work. Especially when people come by and throw your animals on the ground,

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  1. Yep, as others big ones are bothersome.
  2. There are a mod for it, but that mod could be integrated to base game.
  3. Grate Walls? you mean Great walls, what you mean?

I’m tired of DLCs just re skinny assisting assets I want to see new content. And complete content like this last DLC completely missed out wedged vaulted ceilings

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No, i mean GRATE walls. The ones made with Iron/Steel bars ahah

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