New Camps Vs Bases

On test live we discovered there is a new camp just below our base. When I last checked we could still build there so I thought our base would be okay. Now it looks like you can not build where our base is. What does this mean when the patch rolls out. Do I need to move our base? I was really hoping I would not have to move my Tier 3 base.

If it’s in the new NPC camp perimeter (however big that is) then whichever part of your base is across that line will be destroyed. Not the whole base however it will cause stability loss and could possibly result in extensive damage. That’s why we have the double harvest rates as a concession.

Moving base is a big ol’ pain in the butt I know.

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This is where my base is and just below it, is where the camp is.

And where the new camp is…

It’s all in the announcement:

I’m not really sure judging from the two pics, but perhaps you could get an idea of the distance from other npc camps. If you feel like you want to take a chance after that, then you could at least move everything out of your base to a few vaults before the update lands.

I think we are going to move all thralls and supplies and then see what happens. Crappy thing is all our shrines are just above the camp, so I know those are toast. Its a private server so I am talking to the server owner about those controls that they mention about.

Ok. Apparently it was supposed to go live a week after they announced and that was 7 days ago so you should probably hurry if they won’t change the settings.

If they set to allow collisions they can overlap just won’t be able to build in that area and perhaps thralls won’t spawn.

Yeah Im working on it tonight. This is what I am going to loose…

The camp will be just below it where the tree is in the second picture…

from the inside…

On the bright side, that’s why there’s a double harvest event currently on officials.

Yeah I’m enjoying that with oil of bounty. Finally found some use for the stacks of FoP piling up from all my slots runs.