New challenges for Battlepass are not good for playing with friends

Filling out a survey yesterday and then playing with a friend led me to discuss and give FC feedback on the “new” challenge system for Battlepass.

I’m not going to go into the fact that all we get from the variety of challenges is boring killing monsters or enemies in purges.

What bothers me is that now the challenges are purely for solo play. It used to be usual that I would complete them first from the clan (as the most active player) and then help others. It was quite fun and we enjoyed it.

Challenges were quite OK and it was no problem that for example by killing a boss the whole clan completed the challenge or part of it , sometimes even other players on the server when they joined.

Yesterday I played with a friend and went to the savannah to kill a boss tiger for the challenge “kill 3 demon cats” . We arrived at the location , I stopped my thralls and he fired at the boss , knowing that his companions would also attack him and “tank” the fight.
The problem was they were stuck somewhere and to prevent my friend’s death (a corrupt stygian necromancer in rags would have simply lost the fight at close range) I hit him once to stop him , then the boss fell when my friend’s companions finally engaged with his bow support from a distance.

So : he hit the boss first , the damage from him and his companions to boss was over 90% - except for one hit by me for about 150 HP but the challenge was not fulfilled

@den The current system is just bad , made for solo play only and de facto punishes players for cooperating

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That reminded me of this:

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You do realize that the Challenges are not the only way to progress in the battle pass now?
Everything you do now counts toward the battle pass.

You can go dungeon delving together, hunt thralls, craft, gather anything you wish, it all counts.

Challenge were always stupid imo, the only difference between now and then, is you can’t reroll, there are no mundane challenges like kill prey animals, 3 per week instead of 5 and you can’t Admin in kills to cheat.

The new system is vastly superior. The only caveat is a daily limit of 8k exp, not including the challenges.

Now if they returned the reroll option, and increased the challenges to 5 again, I would have no objection.

But advance through regular game play is a much more sensible system.

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Yes, of course I know that.
The problem is time - other ways of getting XP are more time consuming and even for them XP gain is not shared (or is distribution buggy, sometimes I get them and sometimes I don’t) - so in a party you probably “steal” XP from each other.

The new system has advantages and disadvantages but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, especially in coop, not to mention that the system still has bugs with what to accept and what not to accept for completed challenges

Taken overall, I agree. Certainly the ‘advance through regular game play’ aspect is much better than the previous system. And I can understand why the shift to that came with a change in the way challenges work (as they are now far more optional). But I do also feel that something has been lost in the process as well - certainly the challenges weren’t all good before, but they did provide a little impetus to the jaded player. Even with the battlepass complete there was a chance of pulling up some interesting random challenge that might give direction to an otherwise aimless session. Not the biggest loss, but nonetheless an element I previously enjoyed.

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Always has been.

This is not true for everyone.
It maybe so in your case, but in mine the old challenges took much more time.
Averaging the same amount of time playing daily, the old system took three times longer for me.
Because I didn’t Admin cheat. And I still had other things I wanted to do besides “Challenges”
So even though I devoted my entire daily time allotment on some days to “Challenges”
It was still a much longer process to complete.

As I said, I don’t care if they bring back rerolls, I don’t care if they bring back almost everything about the old system, So long as we who don’t care for the challenges can still progress without them.

I would however not welcome back the “admin cheat” aspect.
Even though it has been pointed out that the Dev’s gave their blessing for this method.
To me it represents poor planning, poor writing, and poor implementation.
And promotes bad behavior.

technically yes, but cooperation was not a problem - compared to the current situation where it only needs one hit from another player for the challenge to not be completed

This is not a battle pass Issue, not sharing credit for hits is a deeper issue.

This is something that needs to be fixed.

Players do cooperate, everyone should get full credit for their efforts.

I apologize for not seeing the real issue, it’s not a battle pass problem.
It’s a base game mechanic problem.

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