New chees of mechanic tactic

1st off, this is not really an exploit, but very sheesy way to gain advantage in PVP melee.

What you do is this…

  1. Have horse Follow You
  2. Have your level 20 Dalinisa follow you
  3. Bring up wheel on a 2nd thrall (not horse or Dalinsa). PReferably a meta archer at level 20, decked out for ranged.
  4. highlight move and guard.
  5. Runn about 15-20 foundations (haven’t “measuerd”) and place the 2nd thrall. Repeat 3 thru 5 as you run the map. If you happen upon a farmer, player with 1 thrall, or horse and thrall you will be at advantage. Engage. Watch as they panic because you have horse and 2 thralls follwing you!!!

And not one is an exploit. Just cheesy.

PS. I would prefer a cool down of 1 minute after each place to remove the cheese. Or, if you have a thrall following you, you can’t pick up and place another thrall (move and guard) without causing the other one to stop following. But until then, enjoy!!! OP thralls x2. Works great when you raid a base. Place the thralls as close to land claim. 10 people now have 10 horses, 10 followeres, and 10 archers. Big clans rule.


I usually only play on Soloplayer, but if they added this to the game, I wouldn’t hate it too much.

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Firespark used this technic to cheese Warmaker sanctuary while being low-level :wink:


Interesting, never used it for dugeons. Figured you couldn’t place in them. hmmmmmm

You place them before you enter the dungeon.
Then go into the dungeon, set the one thrall inside the dungeon to “unfollow you” - > go outside and take the next thrall into the dungeon…

If you are bored, you could do this with unlimited amount of thralls…

If scouting thralls NEVER port home, if you are near them. Then, yeah… It can be infinite thralls. Otherwise you have the thrall to follow you within 15mins.


Ahhh…a little different. Also, the new AI and leash mechanics seem like it would only help in one area of dugeon, where you left your 1st thrall.

What i am talking about is walking an extra thrall across the map with very little effort other than place and pick up (5 seconds per each time you do it at the most). Now you can’t port obviously, but you could recall one time after port to close to where ever you were going to use the cheese. Have all the gear on you, call in naked level 20 thrall, then start hopping them from there with your horse and your follower. Which is why i think there may need to be a 1-2 minute cool down after each time you place a thrall (Move and Guard only). this would make it tiresome having to add 20 minutes to hop the thrall with you.

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