New cliff walls inside cave at boundary spillway

I have mixed feelings about this development. On the one hand, its a really cool spot to build with a good amount of space inside the cave. On the other hand, if exploiters are undermeshing there, it needs to be fixed to stop them from cheating.

Personally, I have built there before (nothing is there currently), but I looked at it in single player to see what had happened. The cave seems ‘messed up’ now. The “fix” reduces the build space quite a bit and the patch-over doesn’t look like it belongs (distorted and malformed).

The end result is not just a stop on exploiters, but it messes up a really good build location. So I understand FC’s need to stop the cheaters, but in the process, they have cost the community, too (as noted above by those who are not cheating and are currently using the build spot).

If the undermesh was the problem, couldn’t the patch be put in the “undermesh” so that the build location was still viable? I’m guessing “no.” And it saddens me.


That’s terrible, and I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t meaning to sound callous, as I’ve lost items in the past due to terraforming. How far into the terrain are they?

There’s something strange about the new rock walls, it feels like the texture flows and melts as I move nearer or farther.

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Hi all. I have a base on top of the cliff where the waterfall starts. Last week some rock pinnacle suddenly appeared in my courtyard. It has a floating texture and I can run straight through it. First I thought it must have fallen from the skies but no, I realized now it is the patch they added that reach all the way up. I did not lose anything but it looks so weird and misplaced. Funcom please fix !

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Abomineer is right, the new walls appear to melt and extend as I move around them. I really seems that if they could do this patchwork fix they should have done so from the inside of the wall. This fix seems to be weirdly out of place and poorly rendered.


To reiterate, this is to fix voids created during the process of crafting the gameworld. As Conan Exiles was built from the ground up with player interaction, some of us take great pride in the gradual (and as we suspected eventual) repair of our world textures.

Any fixes that look spackled or ghostly should be reported as texture bugs, if you’re so inclined. Four patches ago, devs were alerted to spline fixes within the Unreal Engine. They may not look great, but they work perfectly. Pointing them out with map coordinates is going to be very helpful.

Coordinates 20313.847656 42333.886719 -1866.31543


Agree, I only built there after this patch, so I didn’t know that space had been altered in the patch, but I can confirm that that cave wall is buggy. The texture is stretched badly, moves as you move, or shifts when you rotate to view the area. The appearance is so bad that it looks like polygons are actually moving downward and displacing physically.

Well that sucks, leveled down south with the plan to move up to that spot. Gather all my things for the great trek and… buggy dodgy looking walls and the normally accessible space just isn’t there anymore ><

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Great feedback, thank you for your input @davidsson, it’s been a number of months since I started a new character, so when I did on Thursday I focused on the areas you pointed out in your post. I do agree some of these terraformings are by necessity out of economy a bit extreme, and that you might’ve lost some things. It’s not likely they’ll reduce the amount of terrain now intersecting with your goods. Are you willing to try and blow your embedded structures up to retrieve your goods?

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