New Conan game announced



Its gonna be a Conan Pirate game. With space ships from H.P. Lovecraft stories in it. And black jack. And hookers.


…for mobile :wink:


Wonder no more. :slight_smile:




Conan lends itself wonderfully to this :3

So…question about the trailer… Did Conan’s muscles split his arm-rings, or were they spread already to begin with to accomodate his muscles?


I’m a little worried about the scale and depth of this new RTS game. From what little info we have, it sounds like there isn’t really any sense of a campaign or plot. It sounds like a simple randomly generated level that you play on till you lose to the ever increasing waves of enemies. This is more akin to mobile tower defense games with the slightly deeper mechanics of an RTS.

Once you lose, you can start over on a new random map and do the same thing all over again.

I will be interested to get more info. I hope the game will actually have a full campaign and a compelling storyline to draw you along.

A bit sad that it doesn’t go to the full depth of typical RTS games that allow you to have two or more opposing factions and standard pvp multiplayer combat.


Since they say it is most similar to “They Are Billions”, we can know this new game is not an RTS. At best you can call it a Tower Defense RTS hybrid. I was excited for an RTS, but this makes me far less enthused.


Probably will Funcom is only the publisher so they aint making the game thank god. They just let them use the IP for a price of course.


Yeah, how I wish FC could shut us all getting themselves like never before and make Exiles skyrocket in all aspects, then everyone would respect them.

Who knows…who knows.


Loved Unchained, Will play Exiles until they shut it down.
Wont even look at this one.

“Ill put a bandage on it” Tanya Adams

Oh my, they even referenced Dune II.

No mo C&C for me


Well the announcement has been made… We all waiting for a Single player, RPG adventure with Conan… Funcom throws the RTS no one asked for… Hooray?


Watch Funcoms financial reports. If you have watched the last 2 over the last half a year or so, then this was expected based on the company they revealed will be working on the next Conan IP. They still have a single player planned but it’s not being worked on yet, according to the last financial report. The studio making the RTS game is not the same studio working on the Conan Single Player, the RPG will be an in house product rather then published like the RTS is.


Naw. I like :stuck_out_tongue: I love RTS’ses and setting one in the Conan Universe is awesome. Especially by the makers of Star Wars: Empire at War.


Star Wars Empire at War, C and C veterans, etc. I’m pumped, it looks like it will be a lot of fun.


Age of Conan Empires


Good for you, I guess there’s a public for this. For me, I’m gonna wait out until the single player comes around like in 2020… games under Funcom with the name Conan in it: 2 realeased 1 announced. Games under Funcom where you get to play as Conan: 0

Here comes the waiting game… again…


Have you ever read any of the Conan stories. I mean the original stories. It is full of other people, some reoccuring as well as full on army vs army battles. Yes, Conan was obviously the focal point but the Hyborian age was more than just Conan. And I agree that a game where you can play as Conan will be good, but there are also quite a few of them in existance already.


You are right, the world is huge, but you said it yourself, Conan us the focal point.

As the few in existence:

Conan: The Mysteries of Time 1991 ( platforming Way too old)

Conan 2004 by Cauldron ( decent to average hack and slash with an interesting death mechanic. Cannot be played in modern computers)

Conan 2007 for XboX by Nihilistic Software (God of War cheap clone, never played but looks horrible)

All of these are pre Funcom. And Funcom hasn’t done anything for the character in terms of single-plyer story driven. I mean I’m glad they are making many games, but single player Action / adventure / RPG should be their priority after AOC and Exiles succes, not another random experiment (in this case RTS) with a very clearly character driven brand.

I know that the Single player is coming down the line at some point (hope they re-use Exile engine instead of doing isometric crap or some other weird thing). But after so many years without a good Conan game (to me the 2004 one was the one and only time I had fun with the character in a video game) I’m starting to get impatient (like many people I’m sure)


I think you didn’t bother reading/watching it won’t be rl rts, you build city and defend from waves, thats all LOL

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