New Construction Disappearing Problem

I added a new building to one of my bases yesterday. Today, the ceiling, walls, and half of the floor have disappeared. The door frames are gone but the doors are still in place and function. I noted that I could not pass through the areas that once had walls but could enter and exit what was left of the building through the doors. I exited the game twice to see if it might be a loading glitch but there was no change. The base is located on the jungle river near the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts.

it seems to be a bug from what i can tell… i just started today and noticed another players building refused to load. i watched them enter through the door with no problem but it never loaded for me… i then built my home and had to log off when i logged back in… nothing but my doors a box and a campfire would load waited at least 15 min to see if it would load even restarting didn’t fix it

What I see is not a problem loading. I created a base for a map room in the water at the mounds of the dead. I came back a couple of days later to finish it and found everything that I constructed. I added more ceiling tiles with pillars and a stair to the platform. Then placed a map room on this. I took my follower out to kill a few things and when I came back, I found the platform had disappeared. The map room was floating in the air and so was a thrall that I placed on the platform. I did not log out. It disappeared while I was away from the base and in game. I appears the dev team is looking at this problem. This is a little more information as to what is happening.


a little later…

mhm , this makes me think of an old bug .

Hey there,

We fixed this issue, or a similar related one, in our latest Testlive version.

Buildings with updated pieces will no longer disappear after rejoining a session



I was happy to see my recent construction appear normally. I will be building more soon.

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