New content but is the game really finished enough for that?

Yeah, new content ! Age of war looks great… On paper, though…

Wouldn’t it be greater if there was actually a combat system in the game? I mean, a real combat system.

Not that mess of a combat system,

  • Where the server doesn’t even know where the opponents are, in relation to one another (which makes wolves flicker from one member of the clan to another in an infinite loop, because the server can’t decide which member is in fact in front of the animal for it to attack);

  • Where damage is dealt at the start of an ennemy move instead of at the end (you know, those times you died because the server dealt the damage of your opponent before your client had even received the information of the ennemy throwing that particular move, happened to me last night when a Cimmerian Berserker OS me without lifting a finger).

  • Where you get disconnected whenever the game adds by itself too many opponents in a single fight (still happened to us last night, 2 players with 2 follower each, unable to properly fight a sabertooth due to the unexpected intervention of a goat).

Yes, that combat system. Not going to improve that, prior to adding new content? Don’t bother.

One thing, just one thing you could do just to improve the overall player experience, would be to switch to TCP protocol in your network exchange between peers. Yes it actually is as low level as that. In the current version of the game, it is obvious some amount of information gets lost in transit. I feel improving that would already be a great improvement to your game.

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Ok, maybe not a well formed bug report. I concur.
It is actually feedback. Hope someone will hear the desperation in my long time a player’s voice, though.

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What you describe sounds more likely a problem caused by lag or poor connectivity, or crappy server hardware. Not actual game mechanics.

Game developers are not going to spend their time upgrading server hardware or reinforcing the network structure between your house and the servers. So yes, it makes sense tht they keep developing the game, which is their job anyway.

Now, I’m not saying that the issues you describe aren’t real issues. They are. They should be fixed. But that’s completely separate from game development.

Server performance has nothing to do with having, or not having, a “real combat system”, of which Conan Exiles most certainly does have.

Again, this is a server performance issue, not a combat system issue.


Look, I am not trying to argue any of your points. I am simply pointing out that you are complaining about the incorrect thing. You are complaining about the servers (I assume you play on officials though you have not sated one way or the other). The servers are provided by G-Portal, not Funcom. Funcom does not own nor operate the servers.

I am not sure how long you have been playing Conan Exiles or if you know the history of Funcom so I will not assume that you are a player from Early Access era as it honestly does not sound like it, though I could be wrong. But the simple fact is, Funcom was on the verge of bankruptcy and ceasing to exist when Conan Exiles Early Access sales saved them. Literally saved them. They would not exist right now if not for the Early Access sales of Conan Exiles. That being said, they still needed servers to actually RUN Conan Exiles. Now, no one knows the details of said agreements because I am rather certain publishing such documents would be illegal but suffice it to say that they were in no position to hammer out any long term deal for high quality servers with the best of service. In other words, they took what they could get and what they could get was G-Portal. G-Portal sucks and is the biggest thing holding Conan Exiles back. Pretty much everything you have described is an issue with the servers and literally nothing to do with the Combat System.

So, you do have valid complaints to make and for anyone who is playing on an official server they are sure to agree that those complaints do in fact make things rather annoying. I personally do not play on officials and rarely if ever run into those issues (most private servers do not rent from G-Portal) but they also maintain their servers to a much higher degree than officials and even include a schedule of wiping the servers to maintain a fresh playing experience. So, this really is just a server issue which, depending on how long Funcom is stuck in this contract with G-Portal, is not likely to go away.

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Thanks @Oduda I was thinking that as I was reading the OP :grin:

The age of War IS an overhaul of the battle system; I hope not this version but the devs seem to be tweaking settings during the beta.
Jump on test, offer up your opinion of the new system. I’m not hating it, but…

FYI: Short sword and bow will be the new meta. Both seem pretty OP right now. I could say more but I will leave it up to the player to figure it out.

NOTE: The test servers are set to 60 players. They seem to preform well up to about 25, get practically unplayable by 35. So basically if this build went live as is, and they set servers to 30 players the majority of NPC issue would vanish.

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