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South Africa is out in less than 6 days.

To celebrate, I’m sharing my Dawn of the Morninglight-themed playlist. Does it roughly correlate to the plot? YES. Are you going to be able to understand the clues I’m leaving in it? UNLIKELY.

Some of the songs are directly related to the plot (Renegade at the start is pretty obvious). Some of them are the mood. Some of them will not make any sense at all until you’ve played it. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

edit: Oh noes my real name nooooooo jk who cares


DJ TronGhoul Providing some pre-release hype music.


One could spend time speculating just reading the list of songs…


Reads the songs
Uhu. Cool. Yeah. 'Kay. Interesting.
Reads second to last song


For South African Mood Music (Without clue or conspiracy) these guys are worth a listen…


writes down length of songs and make them into map coordinates


Some songs that come to my mind:


Speaking of music… I need to say there’re people (me) who wait for new soundtrack album on iTunes (that includes ALL new music after 2012 when was released that one that’s there). Just saying. :ghost:


So say we all! :adnyplz: :musical_note: :soon: