New Content, May I Suggest We Focus On...Some Suggestions..!?

No problem, that how i did understand it.
But it was just part of an other discussion about hairs. Hair are very personal taste, and still subject to discussion, so a mod can be handy. Quotes a fine, but they can mean all and nothing taken out of context. :wink:

But of course, like i said to in my answer, some features would be better in the vanilla game, and not as modded content or change.
Just they’re helping lot while waiting on the wished implementation, if ever. The hp-slider for bosses is a perfect example.

**And not available to consoles. Don’t forget that. And like private servers only good until the mod creator quits updating it when patches come out.

How could i forget that these days ? Did you ever check reddit or such ? :sweat_smile:

While i understand that mods are bit of a tabou subject in the debug-section, this is meant as suggestion between a suggestion, so where’s the harm ?

I don’t like to run un-certified things on my PS4. Opens up to hacking of accounts way to much (and i have had that happen to my savings once in the past already), with no one to blame but myself.

I have a lot of programming knowledge. When people use “tricks” to work around things, the more windows into their system there are.


Maybe, and up to you.

I’m a pc players, and modding games for years.
Never had problem with hacking or such, a normal mod shouldn’t affect your system anyway.

But like said, up to each, and free to all to use the us given options.
Also for my part it gives me lot fun and replayability in games i would be done for long.

Let me change my hair.

Let me create linings for hot or cold instead of armor being fixed. (Only for the Epic Flawless) Flawless can remain as is. I picture only a t4 armorer being able to modify armor.


Now these are certainly great ideas and very worthy additions. It would be wonderful to have some more non-hostile NPCs scattered throughout the wilderness, living at humble campsites or tiny huts. Characters whom we can partake in a simple conversation with, and who will tell us more of the Exiled Lands, and the recent goings on there within. Characters similar to Arcos the Wanderer. This would be such a great lore and immersion building addition. As you implied, no all people are inherently hostile by nature. And it is illustrated in the story that the player ‘may or may not’ have commited any crimes. It is not unreasonable to think that other innocent people such as Razma of Shem were sent to the Exiled Lands too. This would also include civil minded people who simply 'upset the wrong characters. I love this idea Vattende.


Certainly. As an Offline Singleplayer, I care for it too Shadoza. This is one of those features which would offer practical and functional benefits. I did not even realise that there was a damage slider until yourself and Kapoteeni told me of it recently (thanks by the way! :smiley:). Prior to that it used to take me close to 40 mins to bring down a boss/world boss (essentially stab, stab, dodge, heal, repeat), as I had only ever played on default settings. It is no longer such a big investment on my time just farming one Fragment of Power

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City life with thrall housing and thralls going out hunting and gathering. Like in banished or dawn of men only that you need to custom build your workshops and housings.

More control over thralls during combat, such as targeting an enemy and sending thralls to attack that enemy.


Thralls responsive to enemy players 24/7 and not only during raid window.

I just happened to recall another one. A reduction in the amount/frequency of rain in the Highlands biome. Maybe a ‘rain frequency slider’ would be a nice feature. That is assuming that it is programmed to appear at regular, pre-determined increments, and is not a random chance of occurence.

EDIT: whoops, turns out I had already mentioned that one earlier. Sorry peoples.

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Why not. I know some asked for a mod for no rain, so seems there is some need for that.

But i think what bother more people in the north, in the wet feeling inside while it’s raining.
Myself i enjoy rain, tunderstorm and heavy weather… outside. I gives me a more cozy confy feeling inside if so. But if inside feels damp and unsafe, hmm, sure the feeling is bit gone.
I think that’s part of this wish for no or less rain in the green north.

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I applaud your suggestion of focusing on some suggestions as being an excellent…suggestion! :rofl:

And now for some of mine (some of which you know all too well)…

  • Double doors! 2 tiles wide and 2 tiles high.
  • Snakes as pets. (Saw it in your opening, thanks for that :metal::smiling_imp::snake:)
  • Unnamed maproom usable.

There was a time this was actually in the game. Then people started complaining all their thralls were being killed while offline. Thralls fought back, but Alphas would go around clearing thralls the night before a raid. This was very early on after release, so people didn’t have the ridiculous amounts of thralls they do now. I would like the 24/7 thrall fighting back as well. Build more secure if you don’t want people getting in your building to kill off your guards. Plus, we could kill off those floaters after clans leave, but refresh to troll.

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Thanks buddy. Well done with the opening line of your reply too; I wrote it in that way deliberately to see if anyone would build on it like that, and someone did. Cool! Now:
-Double Doors: yeah it would have to be one of the most popular ones of all time too. Definately for it
-tameable snakes: all good, check
-Unnamed Map Room usable also a yes please

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Indeed, I don’t get why ppl complain about that if they’re playing on a PvP server, it doesnt make sense at all, like you said, if they don’t want them to be killed just put them inside buildings, Thralls outside guarding has a purpouse, and being not responsive just take out that, I hope FC revert this because players can just come by your base, inspect before raid start and set up traps/bombs on their foot.

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if i may, chains and cages for thralls, so i can create my BDSM palace of derketo

for RP prupose only, of course


Sure, especially the first one is very important at my eyes.

Double doors are asked by players since very long time i remember.
There is still this moment when you build a base, or a temple or bigger building, where doule doors would be so great. Gates are fine, but mostly way to big to be placed instead doors.

Ever, i would also love a small version of a gate, i mean. :wink:

Snake-pets would make sens with the Set religion. I think the main reason here that we don’t see them is that they’re gltischy as hell mostly, and hitboxes are often a problem. But still, yes.

Maproom, yes, indeed, would be immersive and useful in one.

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