New debuff idea for discussion: Fester

The name of the debuff possibly sucks granted, however may I submit to the community a new debuff for discussion: Fester . I am not entirely sure what I would fully expect this new debuff to do , but I would expect or suggest rather that it is some form of septic causing infection or disease that affects negatively the player.

Any ideas on how this debuff could/ should work or do ? My idea first would be to have it effect temporarily unlike corruption hit point maximum and/or stam maximum(s) and maybe something beyond. Ideas or additions, please ?

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Not sure how it would work (or even if it would be a good idea - I haven’t really thought that far) - but could maybe take a ‘location-based’ approach - like a festering leg wound slows movement, or a festering arm wound reduces weapon damage (or slows your attacks?!? - that might get really too complicated). A body wound might then work similar to what you were suggesting, affecting overall hp/stam. I’ve no idea how such ideas would be implemented, or even if they should be, but discussion does no harm :wink:

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So a recovery of HP/Stam slow down debuff is what your suggesting of how it could work? The issue I just saw with me suggesting a debuff only wouldn’t make sense actually as festering wounds need treatment to heal most times and we already have a bandage recovery system unless they went with you need a specific bandage though if the wound was already infected that wouldn’t really help. It sounds like maybe a medicine of some sort would be need to remove the debuff and that it may persist like corruption until you get the med or you eventually die ?

That would certainly be how I would interpret a ‘festering wound’ - something that persists unless properly treated, and maybe gets worse if left. Like I say, I’m just spit-balling ideas here, rather than having thought about a proper system or balance. But I can imagine it could maybe work with a special medicine - maybe once the infection has started (however that happens), then aloe just isn’t strong enough so you need something special? (If we’re going for a bit of realism - maybe something like a good bandage, plus honey, plus a couple of fat grubs :wink: and then it works over time to reduce and eventually clear the debuff?)

If we’re looking into causes - a bite from a Komodo could be something that might cause a festering wound (and would make Komodos into a more interesting threat). Or maybe make it more rare - maybe something more like the wound of the Fisher King in King Arthur - caused only by certain magic items and requiring magic to heal?


Good stuff. I like the grub idea too . The only thing I could possibly see is that there would have to be enough time to get treatment or it would be like the poison people hated from spiders back in the day killing too quick. Also, I like that you suggested this coming from a beast as many people atleast on pvp style servers would have likely wanted this to be weapon attachable .

Maybe have a two stage solution the first one would be to slow down the infection until you are able to create or obtain the medicine to remove it completely. So, having it on a computer controlled beast adds some balance as they would need to have a pet to use it to control it directly in a pvp battle.

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