New decay system is bugged


Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug / Glitch
Region: PVP EU Server 1101

My whole base decayed while both me and my mate were sleeping in it. I logged off for about 5 hours while in the house and in the meantime something definitely happened,but in the event logs I’ve got only one message saying “Verfallsystem”. Only one. For all my huge base. There is nothing left, not one building, no chest, no nothing. Only the thralls are still there.

This is pretty demoralizing having play so much, enjoying the game to its fullest and then destroyed by some bugs. If there could be an admin to help me out to check if it really is a bug or not.

[Edit] : I’ve just checked, and not only my base just got decayed. Went to a base who was supposed to decay in about 12+ hours. Well, It’s gone. Not sure what happened with the new decay system, but something is definitely wrong if everything decays so fast.

god… very sad forum you… :frowning:

There is no admin on official server, sorry dude, if you were on my server, your base will be already up, but, you prefer to play on official … Official has no admin and administration at all.

Well, that’s… great news… Lesson learned. But at the same time, finding another server with decent admins or making sure that the server will last is quite hard.

well I would say yes and no, some servers here especially for US people, are here since the beta and with serious admin and IG events.

How about EU servers? Do you have any?

depending of what you are looking for try those one:

But there are many others.

This same thing happened to me this week :sob:

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