New decay timer


See it this way Shadoza,

Players playing official don’t have a way of improving the game mechanics with their own hands. They are slave to the system, warts and all.

Players playing single-player coop can take their experience directly into their own hands.

I agree with you in that singleplayer should not be marginalized (which it currently is anyway…boss HP is stil lthrough the roof, and you can’t lock the admin panel, which by itself is already a divergence from vanilla gameplay),

but I think it is incredibly unfair to expect equal treatment, if influence of such treatment is in the very hands of one party, and not the other. That is a double standard.


There is no reason to consider singleplayer because singleplayer can adjust purge settings to their needs - including whatever you might think about.
If Conan Exiles was supposed to be all about singleplayer with multiplayer being the sidekick then there would be a ton of things which would be different.
But they are as they are.

While players on servers cannot change the rules of their game, singleplayers can.
So it’s up to singleplayers to change their settings. Or heck, Funcom might even change the default settings in singleplayer like they already did with a bunch of settings anyway! (Just take a peek at official pve and singleplayer settings and how they are set as default… :wink: )

Dont act as if someone is trying to hurt you if all that person is doing is passing by without even noticing you…
This idea wouldnt affect singleplayer at all!

The sole group of players who will be hit harshly is those who only log in every few day to hinder their stuff from decaying.

I dont know if there is one… ?
Sure and if solo/coop players dont change their default settings, they will never be hit by purge because its turned off by default. Default settings, right?
No. Purges are meant to pose a threat. A threat to your bases, a potential threat to the toons life if the purge happens while the player is offline.
It’s one thing to have a lil oversized base. (IMO) It’s a whole other issue if people think it’s fair and fun to build a 1000x1000 grit to hinder people from playing nearby. And that is reality. Thing is, it’s more extreme on pve than on pvp. On the first people do this to grief. Blocking resources and stuff. The latter? Landclaim against raids. Both are used way too extremely and that should be addressed in some way.


Then I want admin panel for anyone on official servers! Equal opportunity for all, right?
Oh, and only purge while being online. (Which really would be nice!) And other stuff.
There are default settings which had been altered before and as new stuff finds its way into the game or old stuff gets reworked, so will those default settings. I am positive about that.

That may be the case because of you not reading properly.
Funcom has in the last year changed default settings for the game at least a few times.

  1. Last time I looked it up, purge was turned off by default.
  2. As you said yourself, people should just play with default settings.
    = Thus a singleplayer should play without purge.
  3. If purge was used to clean (official) servers, it wont hit singleplayer because singleplayer is set to default and has no purge. Thus this whole idea wont hit singleplayer at all.

And as for anyone who turned purge on, should pay close attention to what s/he is doing to the settings. Which doesnt only apply on purgesettings but all other too.

Nobody ever meant to say “screw singleplayer that should be deleted”. Nobody is attacking anyone.
Try not to understand any idea as some attack on singleplayer. Try to provide constructive ideas to those suggestions instead. You might like how it turns out. You might find out other people dont intend to attack you… maybe your additions could lead to a way more thought through idea/suggestion!

Btw. All this about purge started because players will always find a way to keep insane stuff up.
Without limitations, some will just be dicks. Decay isnt fit to deal with dicks. Purge might be.


And they have the option to do so via settings.
Official players do not.

But not for official players.

It can be argued that when players choose to play on official servers, they choose “Legitimacy and technical convenience” for the price of “it’s Funcom’s way or the highway.”

When players play singleplayer or unofficial, it’s “Play despite Funcom’s way.” for the price of technical inconvenience.

If the purge difficulty is increased, nothing changes for singleplayer players and unofficial players because it’s technical inconvenience to make it a convenience anyway.

Whereas for official players harsh purges stabilizes/balances the geopolitical meta in PvE by adding an equilibrium; something solo or unofficial players aren’t afflicted with.

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The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it. - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Your agreement is not a prerequisite for others to understand my point, therefore I need not carry on this discussion.


Meaning every player should have access to admin panel. btw. I didnt even mean that because that would be hilarious! (Consider that statement I made trolling.)

Fact is one thing:
Decay is NOT fit to destroy exessive landclaim. Purge might be.

Some solution is needed to counter griefers and people who just spam the map.
Solo/Coop will not suffer because of that.
Eighter it’s turned off by default or should be adjusted to fit singleplayer if said player want to enjoy purge as well.

What is your problem with that? :unamused:

But I will second Halycon on that one.

No need to discuss any further with someone who wants the whole game to be solo.

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OR, any proposed solutions can be on the positive and factor in that Inactive Thralls will be fixed. Proposed solutions can have embedded in them the idea that certain mechanics will be tweaked. Because not thinking ahead with ideas while waiting for a solution on a current problem is failure by paralysis. Good companies don’t let current problems restrict thier ideas of the future.

I picture Jim Carrey being the guy running away…don’t know why :slight_smile:


I would advise against holding your breath, hypoxia is real.

Because you adjusted it, or got a special copy. Because it contradicts the Play Solo Option if default is 3 players (because i think solo means 1 ???). So the fact you are willing to change 1 setting to fit your style, makes your statement about playing with default only settings and not having to change them inadmissible to the conversation on cleaning up official servers


So is perpetual pessimism and optimism.

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier," as attributed to Gen Colin Powell, is from the standpoint of execution, a corollary to what Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s popular war-time Prime Minister who once said: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Meaning, we can be aware that some things aren’t working like they should, but if we lose the enthusiasm, that is when we really fail. I still feel Funcom has enthusiasm for their game and in the end we will have a great game that i went on the journey with them on. So i will continue to throw ideas out, and encourage ideas of others without turning it into my personal pessimistic complaint thread, and try and dampen their enthusiasm of others.

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If not, then i stand corrected and apologize.

But from what i remember, the Default is set to either 0 or 1 player online, can’t remember which. (1 would make sense, as it Solo with a 3 player setting?) Co-op would be the devs guessing you mean more than 2, and 3 being an abstract number, because in gaming co-op usually means 2 or 4 people, rarley 3.)

And if you did change it, then, again, it seems you are willing to change settings to your liking on somethings, but for some reason setting decay off/increasing (or purges off pertaining to the idea we were throwing out as a fix to the decay timer being the “server wiper”)is your gaming “moral line” you won’t cross :confused:

I think a majority of the people on this thread are wholeheartedly trying to find something to help clean up on officials, where there is no control to people spamming the servers with items. We all accept the rules of PVP/PVE/PVE-C for the free servers, and we feel there would be more people on them and buying the game if there was a way to control some of the griefing/exploiting of features. In the end, we all want a better game, and enjoyable experience in Conan’s world (more fitting would be Brutal experience :slight_smile: )

A confirmation from someone who has not changed the settings would be nice. As i am not at my console right now.

Default for Singleplayer is 1 player online. I can’t say what’s happened to Shadoza’s copy, but three players is definitely not the default.

Civilized/Decadent/Barbaric default Purge settings (only difference is Purge defaults to disabled on Civilized):


I play solo mostly on official servers. I’ve started dabbling in private to try and find busier servers. the decay of 7 days is not enough imo as I have said before. The purge issue if it was ramped up 150% for how often it occurs wouldn’t matter to me. it still requires me to fill the purge meter before being targeted by the purge.

If I am not on for a few days I wont be purged any extra, extra purges will only effect those in game performing the activities needed to advance the purge meter.

The purge difficulty should be based on the size of land claim and your location. If you have a large claim the purge should assume you have lots of time, lots of help gathering and building therefore it can be more aggressive and challenging.

If you have a small base in the more challenging areas it would be appropriate purge for your size of base, less aggressive or less amounts of attackers to accommodate the building size.

All in all I would love to see more purges trigger by logging in when meter is full and the rng god has picked you or your clan as target. If the person or clan member does not log in during the purge time it should activate in the last 30 minutes of the purge window to allow for it to execute.


While it’s true that I asked at first how other people think about the additional day, it swiftly leads to the actual topic: How decay is not fit to destroy undefended buildings. (Just like it’s with landclaim.)

Does anyone still remember how purge was introduced in EA? It was told to be parties of npcs running through the map, destroying anything in their reach.
This has been altered - though that has been their originial purpose. Destroying stuff which isnt actively defended.

So it seems originally - meaning before the ruins system was introduced - purge was meant to pose a real thread. Supposed to clear the map of undefended buildings. That seems to have been the original intention of the purge.

Sure. It could just as well go the other way around. Instead of making purge more difficult and way more frequent in general it might just be that official servers get special settings. However I still think purge is more fit to clear massive buildings than decay.

Thank you. I meant to check after raid hours, but you were first. :hugs:
Ah ok. I just start solo for testing and checking stuff only. So I think I always clicked civilized which would explain why I thought it’s set off by default. :joy:
(I usually try stuff. i.e. if big wells still support fish traps and they seem not to. Too bad.)

See, there is an inseparable relationship between decay timer and purges.

The harder the purges are, then longer the decay timers can be. The easier purges are, the shorter decay timers must be.

Otherwise 5 things are going to happen if you increase decay timer without changing purge difficulty:

  1. Griefers log on to official servers once every week; whereby they need only stay online for 20 seconds, because they have connected all their bases with decay umbilicals, and refresh everything. Then log off. Screw everyone else who can’t build decay umbilicals cuz that Arschdrahtgewichs claimed half the frakkin map with his own decay umbilicals.

  2. People play Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76, and only log on once every week to refresh their entire empire.

  3. People keep defense thralls in chests, until a purge is due, and deploy them at the spot where they are needed most, then strip them and let them starve after defence is finished, so they don’t have to feed them. Same with Rocknoses (mostly disposable byproducts of gold rock-nose farming).

  4. They keep expanding, because purges are a joke. Sandstone can be replaced faster than it can be destroyed. Especially in PvE.

  5. Griefers can build dick structures near your base, and block out your resources, and there is absolutely jack-shyte that you or funcom can do, short of you hiring a private detective for 4000 Euroes, to find the address and name of that griefer, and send him a cease and desist letter, and a threat of charges for cyber harrassment.

5 things can happen if you increase purge difficulty in proportion to the increase in decay time:

  1. The dicks that griefers build around your base and over your resources become a useful defensive decoy against massive purges.

  2. Decay umbilicals become sub-divided by massive purges. It is hard to reconnect decay umbilicals which use wedges to achieve different angles to save on materials.

  3. People actually take Conan Exiles seriously again and have to make up their minds now wether they want to play official, or red dead redemption 2, during purge time. If they don’t want to play CE anymore, then the server real estate ought to be made available for other players who DO WANT TO PLAY.

  4. People stop expanding, and start consolidating and investing in their main bases.

  5. Maintaining a garrison becomes relevant again and thus the feeding mechanic becomes relevant, which in turn further encourages players to focus on a single base.

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Look, I also understand there are people who want to go on vacation and don’t wanna come back to a completely frakked up base.

But as someone who bought a laptop just to refresh decay timers and repair offline purge damage while vacationing at Santorini (Greece), and properly set up thralls and defense parameters, I think it sux that people can get away with keeping things for absolutely no effort whatsoever now.

See !?
There is a connection between the decay timer and Jim Carrey !
Let’s talk about Jim Carrey then !


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There actually is…as much a fan of him i am, his career has decayed pretty badly, somebody needs to log in and refresh him :slight_smile:


Following up on @Halcyon thoughts…
The subject started as decay timer setting.
Too long, griefers “win”
Too short, people who would like to occasionally take a break and do RL stuff “lose”.

Both of those drive away casual gamers and people who really want this world of Conan to continue.

I know i have many a story that would rival Game of Thrones from the 4 Wars that i have been thru. And to see my server start to collapse because people just aren’t having any fun is sad. You can only build so much, and fight so much, before it becomes a hamster wheel of gaming. The Server Purge would add to people joining forces to help stop it or redirect it towards the griefers and abandoned structures. Hell the solo and low level clans on PVP could also try and use it to attack the Alphas bases if done right. Creating a shift in power organically using the Exiled NPCs.

So as a possible solution, there was a suggestion to use an in game mechanic, and tweak it to add both some “excitement” and change from the daily grinds of PVP raiding, PVE building, etc., and clean up officials of “dead” bases.

When that solution was introduced, people decided that they wanted to fine tune that, and the more we did, it seemed like a way more viable solution that had less negatives and more positives than an arbitrary number deciding on how often i need to log in.

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