New dlc broke already?

Made pool of refreshments and I can only turn candles on and off on ps4 official server 3552 I can’t drink any water died thirst twice, anyone else having this problem? Devs really mess up decorative dlc? Just sad :disappointed:

I read last week about this it is just a decorative light not a drinking fountain. You are not alone in being disappointed.


Hey :slight_smile:
Yes this has been reported and as Ignasis said :



Decorative lights? It’s called pool of refreshments wtf!? I died of thirst laying in the water I can see water in there. Pay 7$ Conan statues and big giant candle. I don’t respect funcom at all they give you thralls just so bluescreen in your own base. Take damn pets and thralls out if can’t stop lag. Like I said just sad :cry:

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I bought every dlc for this game but bet I don’t buy another. When khitan dlc came out the lights didn’t even show they were all blacked out. Can’t even get decorative stuff to work so minus with just give up on the lag buildings and thralls cause. funcom is a small company I get it, so maybe they should just make small mobile games or something. They are clearly not capable of getting this game to run smoothly

and you cant dye the helms. lol. a bit disappointing not being able to dye the helms.

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They’d need to change their focus in that case. They publish and develop pc and console (ps4, xbox) games, sometimes with a switch port. They haven’t had any experience working on a mobile game, so there you go :sweat_smile:

Seriously? Sooo before the DLC you never drank water? Or did you make a pact with Set to only use his pool of refreshment?


I think this falls in the “if it works and is dlc” its pay to win!
So, easy to make fountain is on the no no list I guess. XD

I’ll be honest… waterskin weighs next to nothing…why are you waiting till your almost dead to click your fountain. >_>

Not trying be meanie or anything, friend of mine who somehow is running around looking for water or asking for a glass… and we all look at her, and go “were in hell is your waterskin!!!”
I always use lasting meals so I tend giggle at her dieing…

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Runs smoothly for me. No more bugs worth mentioning - they’ve fixed the NPC multiple spawns bug, the vertical targeting bug, and basically all of the bugs that had been bugging me. I’m experiencing virtually no lag or stuttering, no random crashes and no game-breaking bugs.

That said, trying to accomplish the same thing, a massive multiplayer game, across multiple platforms, one of which is PC that has no standardized hardware builds, is ambiguous. Perhaps too ambiguous for a company of Funcom’s size.

It’s a shame that the game doesn’t work perfectly for everyone, but seeing that my bugs were fixed gives me hope that eventually they’ll manage to fix your bugs too.


the moment when people say that they died twice to something so stupid :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
there is a saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

They know it is a bug. Considering you need to have the waterwell feat opened in order to craft it. I assume it should produce water.

I am sure it will be fixed.

Helmets should be able to be dyed.

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Amen, Im still waiting for the arrow sequence bug to be fixed.

Damn, i just got home from a long night at work & that news just ruined my evening. Just got the dlc last night for ps4. Made the helms, and tonight I was going to dye them my clan colors after work.:sleepy:


Right? I love this game. Conan is very nostalgic to me. I’ve been reading REH ever since my Dad took me to the theater to see my first R rated movie (as long as I promised not to tell mom), just 'cause he got stuck on “babysitting” duty on movie night. Conan the Barbarian changed my young life. So I am grateful to Funcom for letting me play in that world, and I will continue to throw my hard earned money at them as long as they do so, bugs & all. I gave my money for this dlc as soon as I saw the classic “Princess Orgy-Raid” warpaint (which the previous lack thereof was one of my main grievances) was finally available - as I knew it eventually would. Thank you Funcom!

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well sort of in the op’s defense in some desert regions miles from water you do expect a well to well be a well and supply well,-- water. :wink:

I had thought it was odd that a fountain would be unable to produce water.

I do love the light it gives off but I was hoping for it to be decorative fountain option that didn’t require religion.

If I HAD to pick for it to be a light source or a water source, I’d pick water; it would be functional and I can continue with my plans of randomly placing them around the map in the server I’m on as a small relief station yea know?

Oh sure, the Metea fountain is nice and all but more options would be nicer.

As a light source, it is very nice; the size and amount of light it produces makes it a fancy road marker for now.

But I would rather it gave water and light instead.

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Wouldn’t be a big deal if you didn’t need to unlock well to even make them. Suggesting it gives water

Well, it looks like it’s never going to be a water source. Which is a pity. If the choice was between a light source and a water source (because being both was a technical nightmare), I’d pick water every time.

There’s not very many options for water (two wells, the mitra fountain, and NOT this, so… three?), whereas we already have an abundance of choice when it comes to light sources.