New DLC - Pretty Cool

Some building samples:

I really like the two types of foundations and ceiling tiles. It really opens up the design options.


Oh my, Christmas came early. I have some money, can i have plix?

Armor Types (from Age of Conan):

Barbarian Set
Heavy armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +3 Vitality; +2 Grit

Bear Shaman Set
Medium armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +3 Strength; +2 Vitality

Assassin Set
Light armor
Heat Resistance +2
Bonus: +2 Strength; +3 Accuracy


I took the “year” of the season passes to indicate the given year since the game’s official release. i.e. Year 1 being May 2018 thru April 2019, Year 2 being May 2019 thru April 2020, etc. Did Funcom specifically state otherwise?

Yes, i asked and somewhere Ignasis confirmed the following
Year is calendar, so all the season 2 DLC will be out by Dec 31st 2019, unless unforeseen issues arise.

The DLC are not actually as hard, as most is cosmetic. The Blood and Sand was different, as they were trying to align an update with it that accentuated the DLC main idea. In this case Arena type warriors, and new weapons for 1 v 1 battles.

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Inner stairs corner… it’s GREAT. Doubled-up door and fence door, and I’ll be completely happy…


Wow that’s pretty surprising, but also exciting — didn’t expect to see so much new content this calendar year. Thanks for the quote verifying it! :smiley:

As for this DLC, the new building piece options (vaults) and two types of ceilings/foundations are really exciting. It’s also a welcome relief to have walls that appear to be the same on both sides. :slight_smile:


Sorry I haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet, still at work, will the previously released DLCs be updated to include the new building pieces?

I asked, and they didn’t say… from what I understand - no.
(i.e. if you mean Khitan versions of these pieces, etc.)

That’s exactly what I meant. Khitan, etc versions would be cool.

Anyone get a rundown of how many of each new thing we are getting? ie, how many building pieces, how many new weapons, etc.

Off hand, I believe Jens mentioned 19 weapons?
As for the building pieces - not sure, but they are not (from what I know) going to have Khitan, etc. versions of them.

what about the basic non DLC versions (Sandstone, T2, black ice, insulated T3)


At least what was said on Stream, I’ll have a write up with the numbers given (literally logged into the Forums to start that write up but got distracted by this thread).

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Love the new armors.
Unfortunately split attributes means I’ll never wear a complete set.

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I understand that there is roughly equal number of content in each DLC for equal price. But Funcom could make EXTRA PAYED ADDONS for each of them with new types of building pieces and weapons. Maybe several addons to each DLC if they add some other types later on. Many builders will be happy to buy such addons.

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Me too, but the stats in each piece makes em candidates to be worn as alternatives of the armours that share the stats to add variety or resistant to elements…

I am very happy about this DLC because I am playing on a private PC server with Fashionist Mod (adds vanity slots). Furthermore, I asked for aches and got arches, nothing to complain :heart_eyes:

Thank you, Funcom and @Testerle

Fashionist Mod:


I am so excited about the new DLC and the changes that are coming with the update !!

Thanks Funcom !! The new armor and weapons skins and building pieces look awesome !!