New Dragon DLC is Fun

I enjoyed the new Dragon DLC and built my first building, a War Hall. It looks good. The new armor looks better on the ladies, go figure. I was glad you pushed out a DLC. I wish you would have pushed out a bit more. :slight_smile: I appreciate all the work done in this last update. Thanks FUNCOM. Some ideas for next time, itd be super cool if you could add locations or special NPCs during holiday times like they do on other major games. Iā€™d like to see more cosmetic options for our characters (i.e., facial hair styles, hair styles, tattoos), some cosmetic options for our shields and weapons, and some NPC locations you can actually enter and explore on Siptah. Since it is my birthday, I think you should consider adding a flying mount or two. How awesome would that be!? :slight_smile:


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