New Dungeon for Age of War Chapter 2

Jul 23 - Since Chapter 2 of Age of War is still in development, maybe add a new dungeon associated with the Stygian invaders. It could be located on L4 of the Exiled Lands map. There’s already no resources or points of interests at said location. Also, this will serve as a welcomed change over from the barren area filled with sand. Imagine all of the new skills, or even emotes, players can learn by visiting said dungeon. The plot here could involve Stygian troops (under the command of Thoth-Amon) trying to covert the local exiles into the Cult of Set. Maybe have the Haunter of the Ring serve as this dungeon’s boss. He will be guarding a scroll, which reveals Thoth-Amon’s involvement during said update. His involvement will eventually tie-in with the events for Age of War: Chapter 3.

There is what appears to be an entrance to a new dungeon beneath the Unnamed City, east of The Silvermine.

Has been there for years, hope it will ever be used :thinkup:

I’m sure Funcom already has future plans for that spot. They already surprised us with Kael’s Stronghold and the Sunken City back in 2019. Who knows what the developers will add next.

I think a new dungeon requires a bit more planning and development time than starting it a third of the way into the preceding Chapter. If we get a new dungeon (which isn’t impossible, as they seem to be constructing something at the Ruins of al-Merayah), it will be something they likely had planned and in the works before the Age of War began.

Something as large as a new dungeon isn’t going to be added on a whim.

Those weren’t entirely surprises. We did know they had new dungeons planned before they dropped. However, if they have new dungeons planned now, they are keeping them secret this time around.

It doesn’t have to be a large dungeon. Instead, maybe the Stygians could build themselves a fortress at L4. Basically, this will be their foothold towards conquering the Exiled Lands.

New dungeon is always welcomed. But I’d rather see them remake the old ones, and make them reusable, make people go there and farm them over and over again.

It would be interesting to see the older dungeons getting a rework. However, I believe Funcom should consider adding a brand-new location to tie-in with Chapter 2’s release.

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