New dungeon + pet/item

New dungeon, final boss is a big phoenix. Once killed it drops an item that unlocks a door in the dungeon. Inside the door is a room with an egg in it.

You grab the egg and bring it home, you place it on a nest building piece in your base. Once placed in the proper location, you click on the egg/nest and it has tasks for you. These tasks require you to acquire rare items and expensive resources to slowly hatch the egg.

Once the many hours of grinding are done to hatch the egg, it hatches!!! Now in the inventory of the nest, you have a baby Phoenix. Now you place it in an armored pet pen, it eats 25 firedemon orbs, and takes 24 hours to finish. Once finished, you can now place it in you hotbar/wheel.

When you are holding the Phoenix, you can either left click to toss it up in the air, where it will fly around you and follow you similar to a pet, and will fight with you. But! it only lasts 3-5 mins and has a cool down until able to release again.

You can also right click with it to pull it out mid air, it will then gently float you to the ground like a parachute, but this ability has a 5 minute cool down.

It can die in the time that it’s fighting with you, it doesn’t deal a lot of damage, it is annoying. it only has 4k health, but it’s a bit tricky to hit.

The boss phoenix is just basically a reskinned Jhebbal Sag.

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