New Dungeon. Second Boss doesn't come down

Bugs aside, there is no reason you should run out of time unless you’re just vastly underlevelled/undergeared. It me takes about 5-6 minutes solo, on a server with higher enemy damage. I imagine 10 min tops if takes you a bit to realize the mechanics and listening to dialogue.

The base game dungeons are usually nothing more than a test of patience and kiting around for attack opportunities. The mechanics for this dungeon are a breath of fresh air, and it honestly needs more of them to make it a bigger challenge, since I didnt even know about the mechanic til I found this thread.


The problem are the bugs that come with the mechanics. If everything was smooth in this game I would agree on “bring more mechanics” part. Unfortunatly it seems the game is not ready to be that complex.

and yes the dungeon is pretty easy once it works. Just kill the sorcerers and pillars, no big deal

Sad the hotfix update didn’t address this dungeon.

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Did you even bother reading the issue at hand?

Nope they didn’t. But hey they cleared it with x3 monster dmg in 5 minutes in single player.



Clearly, you haven’t experienced the “True” dungeon yet. When the bosses don’t spawn in time to even do it lol. Nice troll response.

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Real question is why wasn’t this tested before release?

I just tried Kurak’s dungeon a couple of times one hour ago:

First try:
First phase: goes well, spiders and sorcerer spawned in time.
Second phase: golems spawned but once they were dead, the sorcerer stayed aimlessly (but in combat stance) at the top of the stairs behind the purple wall. I had to restart the game to be able to leave the area.

Second try:
First phase: goes laggy for a couple of minutes. Spiders spawned but didn’t move, I had to search for them by the stone walls of the chamber, but I completed the phase.
Second phase: same as before, once all the golems were dead, the sorcerer stayed at the top in combat stance. This time I waited to see what happened. It took about 5 more minutes for the sorcerer to come down and fight.
Third phase: I killed the zombies and destroyed the pillars. Nothing strange here.
Fourth phase: dragon spawns alone, I can see another sorcerer upstairs doing nothing (again, in combat stance). Tried to approach the wall to attract his attention but to no avail. Blood-Moon Beast appeared and I moved towards it so it didn’t target my thralls. Luckily, It killed me first and I appeared at home with both of them.

I play on Official Server #1052 (PVE).

I hope this helps to solve the issue.

Thank you.


This guy on Reddit experiences same issue after the Golems. Boss doesn’t come down. Resulting in 5-10 minute wait time of doing nothing until the Unkillable boss shows up and one shots your thralls and you.

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