New elements to PvEc

Im realizing PvEc is starting to get boring. Its just build build build. Everyone hides during pvp hours. I dont pvp at all but the lack of running into people even when the server has a good amount of people on makes it feel like im the only one on the server.

It got me thinking pve/pvec is ment so people cant destroy your buildings. But what if you could attack other peoples thrall and animals. And then they can attack back. I hate seeing 200 thrall on a persons base for no reason it be fun if you could fight them all. I dont think you could take on 200 well geared thrall but thats the point.

Like to get peoples opinions on this.

I think its a reliable idea, PvE-C should be exactly like that, and with the addition to theft from stations and unlocked containers out in the open, reserve that stricly to PVE, the only thing not allowed on PvE-C should be building dmg, even PvP in PvE-C should be 24/07, not only raid hours.

PVE-C needs the fallout mechanism, like Gods, enabled. Right now there is no fallout enabled on official servers, so I agree it seems boring – with huge, occlusive, dominating buildings.

It seems to me that PVP players are nice and try to keep people on the server with gifts. :grin:

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