New excellent endurance system

I created a topic here to say that I am very pleased with the redesign of the endurance approach - super interesting. Now the fights have become more interesting, more lively. You need to count your strength and fight wisely, and not go to the exchange (as dagger spammers like to do). Old players will be unhappy - but this is their problem, learning to fight with the new endurance system is very simple and fast.

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There are still a few questions about the bugs: 1. On the test server, when creating a character, you can choose any religion, but after creating the character, the religion of Mitra will be, no matter what you chose first. We need to fix it. 2. Right now, on the official servers, literally hundreds of enslaved arena champions + players who moved the eldarium to the lands of the exiles are increasing its reserves with a bug, creating just an infinite number, which gives them an unfair advantage over all players. How funky and when will it be fixed?

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