New Expansion Ideas -> what would you like ? Id like some PVE stuff

I would like to see funcom make a Expansion , that adds to exiles places that area some where in side the map of Hyboria, and adds a new large region off of one side of the exile lands and that increases level cap to level 70 or 75 or 80 so when you finnish the exile lands quest you can move on to more quest for PVE -> could add couple NPC citys for trade and buying along with quest to get resources or items or quest that could alter the map or even the exile lands. -> I think its time sense PVP players got a Expansion just for them that the PVE coop players should get Expansion for them and I would love to see the world of Hyboria rebuilt into this game slowly for people who run dedicated server for them and there freinds to travel around in groups of 4 to 6 so forth, there alot of pirvate servers setup for only 4 to 6 players and we need some pve content and ability to explore the world more.

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