New faces, beards and hairstyles

So in the last Q&A they told us that in the near future there will be a new bench where you can change customize your appearance, but that would also introduce new faces, new beards and new hairstyles.
It made me think about my old Age of Conan characters. There were 3 faces I really liked:

This guys was my main. I loved the Roman look of his face (the eyes remind me of Lucius Vorenus from Rome). The hair and beard are also perfect and remind of old drawings of Epicurus. All in all a great look for an Aquilonian or Argossian adventurer.

This was one of the best female faces in Age of Conan (in my opinion). Not as cartoonesque as some others, but looking very realistic. There is something coarse and yet weirdly feminine about this face. The hair matches perfectly with the dark skin color. Great look.

This guy looks like he’s been skulking in the alleys behind the tavern, or who collects debts for a criminal mastermind. Good dogface. A real bastard.

What kind of faces would you like to see?

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Those look awesome! Idk why they didn’t added those yet, since some of the latest armor styles on conan exiles are from age of conan (assassin,templar and bear shaman ie).

survivalist faces, creased and rugged, we have enough dollhouse stuff

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Faces of beauty and more longer hairstyles.
I perosnaly don’t like all to much barbaric looks.
You can be beautiful and barbaric at the same time.

And not being bald when using a helmet

Some examples:

Lagertha from vikings

Boudicca painting roman resistance female

Sorry no male examples, go wild idc how they will look haha

There was another female Stygian face who was pretty good and original, with real exotic traits.

Maybe some Blizzard worker played AoC and decide to create Pharah with that.

Yes please… at least to be able to hide the helmet without taking it off.

And more beards, hairstyles and faces, both ugly and pretty, would be nice to have. :^)


They want everything mundane.
No good looking people in games any more.
The ideology of it all is beyond me, and if I detailed it, most like would be banned.

The other question is why are you using AoC toons as examples, they were as bad as the exiles is.

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I just want to have more than one appropriate face option if I want to play someone who isn’t white.

Haha I’m thinking that you’re probably thinking what I’ve been thinking for over a decade now.

How would that work? invisible helmets? :confused:

They already have made mods that gives you a vanity set of armor on the other side of where you but the regular armor.
The tech is there, all FUncom has to do is use it.

You all can keep using the ugly vanilla toons. Tho we do have two toons on official servers and are ugly.
I prefer to look like this

Quite a few people would probably prefer to look like that.

That headband is adorable. Which mod is that?



get more wild, not more coifed

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Immersive Armor. There are more you can add to this mod, with add on mods.
he head band is part of the entire “jungle” outfit.

You can make it at level 10, with T1 mats. The armor takes the standard light mats, but is better than the light regular armor.

BTW I was referring to the skin texture, hair and body shape. This gal is the result of 3 mods.

My game crashes every 3 minutes if I play with mods.

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