[NEW] Fairplay Vanilla PVE - Conflict (PC)

Join us and enjoy the original Conan Exiles experience!

*Official Server Settings
*No Mods
*No Boosts
*PvP Time (Your Buildings are Safe!)
*Up to 20 Members (for a start!)
*Active and trustful Admin.
*Discord for your Mates
*Possible Events with solid Community

Server Name:
Fairplay Vanilla PVE - Conflict

Have Fun ! :slight_smile:

PUSH :smiley:

Thanks for All the Visits! We have reached 19 active Players at the Same for a Moment. Thought i have to raise up the Server cap already. But No. We got About 130 player visits since start up.

Push ! :slight_smile:

The Server is still active and we got a solid Community for the start. Discord as well. there is still a Place for u! Lets reach the Server cap to raise it up! :slight_smile:

Have Fun !

Hey, wir sind übrigens deutsche und würden uns auch über deutschsprachigen Zuwachs freuen ! :slight_smile: but english is also okay ! :slight_smile:

There is still a place for u! :wink:

Hey, im just downloading the game and looking for a server. Do you still having place?