New Follower Type: Battlemage

A new follower type to assist in Sorcery related activities and assist in general combat. An alternative Support role like Dancers. They could improve duration, casting times, etc.

And it would be nice to have something else in the numerous Sorcerer Spawn spots. Once you already own all the spells there is very little use or need for them.

Not sure how to make this work in line with the lore. Not many sorcerers in the Hyborian Age were selfless enough to work with each other in such a context.

Though I believe Thoth Amon had a bit of an apprentice or more of a lackey. Don’t exactly remember if that one had any sorcerous powers or not. But this can be attributed to a Bearer thrall we already have in that context.

I do know that sorcerers are a selfish lot, and when they do work together its only a matter of time before one betrays the other. Or you have a cabal such as the Black Ring or Yellow Circle, but in those cases they are not out adventurering. Doing rituals and mostly administration.

Not trying to dismiss the idea you have out right, just giving some feedback and insight to maybe give some ideas and brainstorming a bit.

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Maybe they could give corruption rather than take it too.

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