New Forum Update


Hi friends,

Our forum software (Discourse) has updated to a new version. This version includes, among other things, the ability to Ignore users as well as allowing you to delete your own topics without moderator or staff intervention.

While our goal is to foster a community where forcibly Ignoring a user is unnecessary, we understand that we can’t always align with your personal views and wants. If there is a certain user that’s driving you batty, we still encourage you to bring it to the attention of staff via the Flag feature. Now, you can also hide their posts by going to your User Preferences and putting their name in the provided field:

Again, we would prefer to address inappropriate behavior directly rather than resorting to people ignoring users, but it happens. Also, if a user gets ignored by enough other unique users, we’ll get a notification so we can start further investigating the issue.

Oh, and before you try, you can’t ignore staff like myself. Sorry, you’re stuck with me :adnyplz:

Please use this feature in conjunction with the Flag feature responsibly and accordingly.