New Friendly PvE Server With Arena, Random Loot Chests, 2x Harvest, Merchants Coming Soon

Hello everyone, I’ve recently launched a new PvE server in hopes of forming a friendly community we can all enjoy. If you’ve wanted to be a part of a server in which you can influence, then I highly recommend you give this one a shot. We are open to change and suggestions and listen to everyone’s advice.

Fight in the arena against other players or monsters for rewards and the chance to become Champion
Pictures of Arena here:

Explore to find extra loot chests that have been placed in certain dungeons and hidden across the map

We are planning to add merchants around areas of the map that offer certain goods

you can find the server here

If you sort the server list by Name it will show up at the top, just give it time

We are currently running a single mod you can find here,

We hope to see some new faces around :slight_smile:

Server Based in Los Angeles