NEW game feature?

I was inside the Dark Argartha MegaBoss instance, fighting the big crab, when irl, a wasp invades my room. So I went afk like 1 min to show that wasp the way out, and when coming back to my puter, game had kicked me from the MB instance, and gave me the deserter flag…

Anyone care to explain ? @AndyB

You get penalized for afking inside the megaboss instance. That is intended.

Went afk for barely 1 min…
I can understand the intention behind, but it’s a really stupid system.

A MB fight is anywhere from 2-3 minutes so you were afk for 33-50% of the fight. That being said its the first time I’ve seen the deserter system used correctly. 90% of the time it just gets applied to players unintentionally or accidentally due to crashes/ slow loading etc.